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The Telemarketer Call that Wasn' Terry Spear

First, I had THE CALL for two YA books. I was thrilled. And I was suddenly a provisional member of the Published Author Network (PAN) with RWA!!!

And then two years after THE CALL, I got a letter that said that the YA line was being closed down, and none of the books were being released, that I could keep the partial advance they'd paid, and that my rights reverted back to me. Ghostly Liaisons was already, and still is, listed on Amazon under my maiden name, Terry Lee Wilde.

But it was never released.

And I was no longer a published author after two years of anticipating that first release, which was one month away from when it was to be released!

Still, I wouldn't give up. If I could get one CALL, I could get another, right? So I kept at it, kept writing, revising and submitting, and getting rejections--many of which said I was close. And you know what that means!

Close, but no cigar. Although I can't imagine anyone wanting a cigar.

And then I got THE CALL that truly changed my publishing status!!!

But I thought it was a telemarketer. I was writing away as usual, and I'd stopped maybe five times that day to answer the phone only to get some telemarketer who wanted to sell me insurance, or check out sales at some store, or whatever.

I didn't hear the first part of what Deb said, so the first thing I asked her was, "Are you trying to sell something?"

A lengthy pause followed.

Then she said, "Actually I might be interested in buying something."

Oh. LOL.

I told her I had been inundated with telemarketers, she said let's start over again, and after that--she said she had only read half of HEART OF THE WOLF, but wanted to know was it still available to buy?


But she hadn't read the rest of the story. What if she hated it?

Was the story original? Yes. I love creating new worlds of my own, and had done a lot of research into the world of wolves.

What was the market like out there? At the time, I had read 3 werewolf books while judging contests, but they had everything in them--vampires, fairies, you name it. Or their wolves were strictly like the old werewolf tales and beasts when they shifted. And there were a number of historical werewolf stories on the market.

She said she'd get back with me in a couple of weeks to see if the rest of the book was as good as the 1st half.

I was on pins and needles, still writing, but hopeful that this was it!

Then another CALL. Well, not it yet either. She loved it!!! Wanted to take it to the board and see if they'd buy it. Two weeks, she said.

Two weeks stretched into three because the board didn't meet and I was again on pins and needles figuring okay, they didn't buy it.

Then I got THE CALL! This was it! I sold Heart of the Wolf, and what else did I have???

Not only did Heart of the Wolf get a great review in PW, but it ended up being 1 of 5 mass marketed books that was named Publishers Weekly's BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR!

Heart of the Highland Wolf


June 2011

Book 7

My advice to writers is always to keep writing, keep revising, and keep submitting, because you never know which story will be THE ONE. And also, write the book of your heart, because you never know when THE ONE will become several!!! Ten are already written, three more are contracted in the wolf series, and three jaguar shifter books are coming.

Heart of the Wolf (Book 1), Destiny of the Wolf (Book 2), To Tempt the Wolf (Book 3)

Legend of the White Wolf (Book 4), Seduced by the Wolf (Book 5), Wolf Fever (Book 6)

Dreaming of the Wolf


December 2011

Book 8

Thanks to Deb, Dominique, Danielle and everyone else at Sourcebooks, the editors and wonderful cover artists who make every book a success!!!

But forever I will remember Deb's call as the telemarketer that wasn't!

Have telemarketer problems??? I don't know why it's allowed, but the politicians who have callers are the worst now. Three of four times a day when they running for office I get calls from people I don't know or care to know about! How can that be allowed??? I certainly wouldn't give them my number to call me, and you know what? For all the harassment, I won't even vote for them. What about you?

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. Maybe getting published is like falling in love. For a few of us, there's a flash of light, a bang, (a phone call) and everything changes, but I think more of us fall into your category Terry, where a door opens a few inches, then a few more, then stalls, then.... But this is part of what makes the happy ending/beginning so worth the effort.

    We're all glad you hung in there!

  2. Oh, I so agree, Grace. I think when we have to work so hard at it, it makes it even more worthwhile. If it comes too easily, there's a sense of well there's nothing to it. What's all the fuss? :)

  3. Terry, the first time I met Deb was at a chapter meeting. She raved about your wolves traveling in Hummer packs. I knew then I wanted an editor that passionate about my book. Congrats on all your calls and perseverance!

  4. LOL, thanks, Tracey! Yeah, she loved how they drove big vehicles to accommodate packs. I equated it to when I had a Girl Scout troop and had to fit as many of them in a Suburban that I legally could for camping and other kinds of trips. :)My wolves aren't half as noisy as the girls were though. Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Patience is what the waiting teaches us but alas, I was a poor student and flunked Patience 101. I'm retaking the class right now...and sorry to report I'm not doing a whole lot better than last time. Maybe I could get some pointers from you, Terry? Eat my nails (they don't have fat grams or calories); chocolate (fat cells are getting happy); write another book (I heard that idea coming through loud and clear in your voice).

  6. LOL, Carolyn!!! You read my mind!!! When all else fails, write another book! Every time I wrote a book, my motto was: THIS one will be it!

    It didn't really matter if it was or not, because I knew that if it wasn't...the NEXT one would be it.

    I wrote a LOT of stories like that. LOL :)

  7. Terry, it's so true that you should write what you love - because you might have to write a whole lot more of it! I'm so glad Deb put me on the road to wriging cowboys, and it seems like you were born to write wolves!

  8. Your books sound wonderful. As to the telemarketers - I finally got smart and got caller ID and it really does help. And of course be hooked up to an answering machine. If one slips by on the ID you know if it is important they will leave a message!

  9. Terry, that is an amazing story. And hat's off to you for not giving up. Look where you are now! And my hat's off to Sourcebooks for all those fabulous covers for you.
    Wishing you continued success!

  10. That's too funny, and Deb's response is priceless! Ugh! Sorry about the YAs. That is heart-breaking.

  11. Joanne, as soon as you said I was born to write wolves, I was thinking...born to be wild! Wilde was my maiden name so it seems to suit, don't you think?!!

    Hi, Catslady, I have caller ID, but it doesn't always tell me who is calling, or it might be a number I think is okay, and it's not. :)

    Thanks, Amelia! Yeah, never give up, never surrender! I adore the covers! I'm always proud to display them!!!

    Yeah, Shana! Too funny. I was like, ack, I said that to an editor??? Who just called me about my book??? *sigh* Thanks about the YAs. I was truly heartbroken. To go from published to unpublished was devastating. But I got right back to writing and my old dogma, if not his book, the next!


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