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Paper Kisses

By Anita Clenney

You know, until I read Mary Margret's blog, I couldn't remember my first kiss. I recall it now, just a quick peck, nothing spectacular. Now the kisses that stick in my head are the paper kisses. Ah...Donny Osmond. I fell in love with him at age nine and the love lasted for many years. Of course, I can't imagine what I was thinking now, but I adored him and gave his posters lots of kisses. I could almost feel his lips kissing me back, his arms pulling me close. Now my daughter is crazy about Justin Bieber, and he looks a lot like Donny did back then. Must be genetic.

Awaken the Highland Warrior is the first book in my Highland warrior series. Here is Faelan and Bree's first kiss. Not quite what she expected.

She started from the kitchen, when a crash sounded from her bedroom. Gripping the tray, she ran down the hall, coming to a halt in the doorway.

He was naked, sprawled face down on the bed, bare as the day he was born. The lamp was overturned, his clothes piled on the floor next to his dagger and boots. He’d tried to turn the covers back, but now they were trapped underneath him.

He wasn’t the first naked man she’d seen, but he might as well have been. Taut skin covered muscle so defined it made her want to weep at the raw beauty. Bree set the tray on the table beside the bed and moved closer. Several faint lines ran across his back and shoulders and a couple along the side of his hip. Scars. She gave one lingering look from thick, dark hair to sexy feet, then averted her gaze and poked his shoulder with her fingertip. “Faelan, wake up.”

He didn’t move. She took one more look, leaned down, and shook him again. He grunted and flipped over, pulling her flat against him. He rolled again, and the air whooshed from her lungs as he slammed her into the mattress, his forearm braced against her windpipe.

“Druan,” he said, looking through her, “stop the war.”

She lay still, trying not to panic. “Faelan. Let me go,” she wheezed. When he didn’t, she tried to put her knee into his groin, but with her legs pinned under his it proved as ineffective as it had in the crypt. He groaned and moved his arm from her throat. She was so busy sucking in air she didn’t notice his fingers threading through her hair until she calmed enough to realize he was still on top of her, stomach to stomach, where her shirt had ridden up. Her legs, bared by shorts, were tangled with his. His skin felt hotter. He had a fever. And that wasn’t his dagger rubbing against her thigh.

His head lowered, damp hair brushing her cheek as he whispered strange words that made every cell in her body sizzle. Gaelic? His look was more alarming than before, as if she were water to his thirst. This was a look she could die in, a look that made her want to trash logic for a slim chance at bliss. His lips touched hers.

She was too stunned to stop the kiss and too captivated by the feel of his mouth on hers to pull away. The soft nibble, a mere testing of flesh against flesh, deepened to lips parting and a flick of his tongue. Just when she thought she’d lift off into space, he raised his head and blinked at her, then rolled off so fast she grabbed fistfuls of the quilt to keep from falling off the bed. She sat up, too dazed to move, and tried not to gape.

She’d thought the back view was good…

So spill it girls, what was your MOST kiss? Most unexpected, most unusual, most awful, or simply the best?

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  1. That last line made me LOL!

    The first time I saw Justin Bieber I told my husband he looked like JIMMY Osmond with my grandma's haircut. I do not have the "fever" for Bieber. Thank god I don't have a pre-teen girl or I might go crazy!

  2. Loved your excerpt and the book, Anita! LOVE time travels!!!

  3. Great excerpt, Anita! Drew me right into the room and the emotions of both parties. Made me wish for more when the excerpt ended!

  4. Good Morning Anita- Loved the excerpt! I can't remember my most unusual kiss so maybe I haven't had that yet. The worst kiss was when I was in 8th grade and playing spin the bottle with a bunch of kids from the kiss??? don't think I've had it either...still holding out for something better:)

  5. Stacie - He looks so much like Donnny. I have to say, I took my daughter to see the movie and I was prepared to be bored. I was so impressed with this kids story. I was dumbfounded and inspired at how hard he has worked to get where he is. I recommend the movie to anyone who is chasing a dream. Very inspiring. Although there were a lot of screaming girls. Boy did that bring back embarrassing memories.

    Terry - Thanks. I appreciate all you've done to help this newbie.

    Carolyn - Thank you! I love this couple. I think I'll be hard pressed to write another one that I like better. The feeling them is just so powerful.

    Maria - Thank you, and here's hoping the best is yet to come. LOL!

  6. My most unexpected kiss was also my best was the first kiss from my hubby.

    I'm trying to remember my first paper kiss. Maybe Kirk Cameron or River Phoenix. Ugh...I think I even had Eric Estrada on my wall. My how my taste in men has changed!

  7. The most unexpected kiss, was a middle of the night makeout session with my husband. Both of us were pretty much asleep and don't even remember how it started.

  8. I kind of think Justin Bieber looks like a girl.

    My best kiss was the first one with my husband the night we met. It was very sweet.

  9. My best kiss happened when I was about fourteen at a teen age party playing post office. I got to kiss the guy I was struck on and I will have to say that guy could kiss, will never forget it.

  10. Nice excerpt! Very hot!
    I didn't do the paper kisses thing - which is good, because I had Secretariat on my bedroom wall! What is it about teen girls and horses?

  11. What a gorgeous cover!! I've mentioned before, I married the guy who gave me my first real kiss. High school sweethearts and it's been 41 years of marriage but I still can remember that kiss. I was clueless really so it was quite a shock but obviously a good shock lol.

  12. Cindy - You got it all. First, best, and most unexpected all in one! I can't even tell you how many posters I had. After I outgrew Donny, I was in love with everyone. I finally settled on Freddie Mercury of Queen. I'm telling you. I don't know what was wrong with me back then.

    Kristina - Too funny. I have a scene in this book where Faelan's dreaming, or thinks he is. Things get a little overheated. I love the scene. Those sleepy moments can be a LOT of fun.

    Shana - You're not the only on who thinks Justin Bieber looks like a girl. Have you seen the commercial that played during the Super Bowl with Ozzie Osborne asking what's a Bieber, and behind him Justin Bieber is diguised with a beard and says he thinks JB looks like a girl. Very funny. It's a good thing when the best kiss is from hubby :)

    Virginia - you're lucky your first kiss was with someone who was good at it. I couldn't even remember mine until recently. It wasn't that he was a bad kisser, but it was just a peck. I was 14.

    Olivia - LOL! I love Faelan so much. I have a secret fear that all my heroes are just Faelan in disguise.

    Joanne - definitely a good thing you didn't go for paper kisses then. You were probably smart to have Secretariat on your wall. I had so hoped my daughter wouldn't be boy crazy, but I'm afraid she's going to be. She also loves horses and just started riding.

    catslady - That's so romantic, and so wonderful that your marriage is 41years strong. This world needs more of those. I'm glad you like the cover.

  13. Love it. Definitely must put this one on my TBR pile. I love me some highlanders. Plus, I really want to know what is happening.

  14. My most tender kiss from hubby was because of a particularly rotten week at work. He put his arms around me and kissed my temple, the eyelid on that side, let his lips drift down my cheek and grazed my lips before angling for a deeper press. *sigh*

  15. Danielle - I would love for you to put this on your TBR pile :) There are a lot of twists and turns in the story and Faelan and Bree are great together.

    Lil - awhh, how sweet. Sounds like it's from a romance novel.

  16. The best? that is easy to answer. That was the first kiss my guy and I shared. :-) best ever hands down.


  17. Great excerpt! Can't wait to read this one.
    I do not have a MOST kiss but I have tons of paper kisses. I loved Joe from Def Leppard and my room was plastered with his photos I swear I got paper cuts on my lips from all the smooches. i had to give every picture a quick peck every morning when I left for school :-)

  18. Loved the excerpt, wow what a first kiss. As for my first kiss, not memorable at all.

  19. Anita, it felt like it, too. That had been a truly rotten week where I experienced a co-worker trying to sabotage me in front of my bosses. It was the first time I had ever experienced being targeted in a professional setting. Hubby was my shelter from the storm.

  20. Whew! Great excerpt, Anita. And I love the concept of 'paper kisses'!


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