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The Making of a First Kiss by Shana Galen

Let me begin by saying that my first kiss was nothing to write home about. It certainly wasn’t anything like the kiss I write between Armand and Felicity in The Making of a Gentleman. The interesting thing is that this kiss is Armand’s first. The comte has been imprisoned for twelve long years and has recently escaped France for the safety of his brother’s home in London. The duc, Armand’s brother, hires Felicity to tutor Armand, and the comte discovers she’s the only person who can touch him without causing him pain. He’s intrigued by her, and he’d like to do far more than kiss her.

Here’s a scene from The Making of a Gentleman…

“I’m not sure what you’re asking.” Her voice was low and trembling, but he did not think it was from fear. He narrowed his eyes and studied her face. No, she was definitely not afraid. Should he take that as a yes?

He wrapped an arm about her body, pulling her hard against him. The sensation was so strong, he almost gasped. Her heat and her softness burned into him. Yet he did not feel pain. He felt only longing for more. His eyes were on her lips now, and his hand had made its way into her hair. It was thick and soft. He had imagined it might feel warm, like sunlight, but it was cool to his touch.

He felt its fastenings and wanted to tug them out. He wanted that hair free, but he feared he had gone too far already.

“I think I know what you’re asking me now,” she said, and her voice sounded different. It was dark and low as the night closing in around them.

“Yes. No,” he repeated.

“Oh, dear. You don’t make this easy. I should not say yes, but—”

He heard the word he wanted, and that was all it took. He lowered his mouth and touched his lips to hers.

The feel of her mouth against his was a shock at first. Her lips were so soft and so pliant—not at all what he had expected. He felt he could explore that mouth forever and, acting on instinct, he coaxed her lips open so that he could explore further.
The sound she made in the back of her throat—a low moan—made his heart race and his blood thrum through his veins. He wanted…something. He didn’t even know what he wanted, but his body hungered for it more than it had ever hungered for food or water or companionship in all twelve years of prison.

And then, quite suddenly, he realized that he was hard, hard and straining almost out of his trousers. He wanted to push himself closer to Miss Bennett, to push against her. He struggled for control, grasped it.

And it was that moment that she began to kiss him back. Up until that moment, she had allowed his kisses, but now she returned them—her tongue twining with his, her mouth locked with his, her arms around his neck.

His blood ran so hot and so heavy that he feared he might lose his hard-won control. He was already thinking of pushing her onto the ground and then—what? He knew what he wanted to do next—was uncertain exactly how it would all work, but he had no fear that instinct would show him.

And then another instinct kicked in—one he was familiar with from long years in prison. The hackles on his neck rose and his body tightened, wanted to crouch. Something or someone was watching him.

He yanked himself away from Miss Bennett, tearing his mouth from hers and whipping around to scan the garden.

“What’s wrong?” she breathed. “What—”

He saw it then. Saw the eyes watching him. Human eyes. No animal.

And he knew those eyes. Remembered them from another time, another life. With a howl, he charged.

And so the danger and adventure continues! But never fear, Armand and Felicity do get another chance at that kiss.

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  1. Oh forget about making him a "gentle" man, who wants that anyways!?

  2. He sounds perfect, a real wolf to me! Why would anyone want to tame him??? :) Great post, Shana :)

  3. Shana, I like that the heroine is the only one who can touch him without causing him pain. Every woman will want to be in Felicity's shoes.

  4. Very nice, Shana. Loved the excerpt. And I loved the suspense afterwards.

  5. Wow! Very exciting kiss and an even more dramatic end to it.


  6. I can't tell if I'm feverish or if it's the effects of that kiss scene. Hot tamales!

  7. Well done! And behind a lot of first kisses, isn't there a hope that the pain of isolation will be eased? You just went onto my must read pile!

  8. The plot thickens! Great kiss and intriguing excerpt!

  9. LOL, Judi and Kristina!

    Thanks, Terry, Tracey, and Anita.

    Thanks, Ash and Olivia. I'm smiling.

    Thanks, Grace. You're on my must read pile, so that means a lot.

    Thanks, Cheryl!

  10. Ok...I'm back...I had to run and put this on my wish list! Ooh...I love a story about a tortured hero and the heroine that brings him back to life!

  11. Hmmm...intriguing, Shana! Love their first kiss and want to read more!

  12. A million questions now after I turned on the air conditioning to cool off after that kiss scene. What caused him to be in so much pain? Why was he imprisoned? Why does he have to be taught to be a gentleman? I know, I know! No amount of whining will get the answers but I know where to get them ... book store, here I come!

  13. *whew* That was fantastic!

  14. wow great scene. So want to know what happens next. :-)


  15. Wow, I cannot wait to read this book! You have completely hooked me ;-)

  16. That was a fantastic scene Shana! Loved it. Definitely makes me want to read more of this book!

  17. Ack! What happens Next!?!

    You had me holding my breath there at the end. Took me a minute to remember to breath! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. Wow! I can't wait to read this book. Nothing worse than a kiss being interrupted. Definitely on my to read list!

  19. Thanks Cindy and C.H.!

    Well, if you have that many questions, Carolyn, I picked the right excerpt.

    Thanks, lynnrush and lrwirum.

    You made my day Venus and Maria.

    Thanks Linda and Stephanie!

  20. Oh my goodness. I definitely want to read this. I want to see more of Armand.

  21. What a fun concept for a book. Going on my must read pile! I love the first kiss - makes me want more!

  22. Shana, loved the excerpt and the cover of this book is to die for. You always have the best covers. Can't wait to read your new book.

  23. Fantastic excerpt. What a great sounding gentleman.

  24. That was great. When I hear about kisses I always think about Richard Gere in First Knight. Curls my toes!!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Thanks, Danielle and Amanda. Virginia, all the cover credit goes to Sourcebooks.I love the cover, too!

    Thanks, Judy.

    catslady, now my toes are curling too!

  27. Nice, Shana, I want to know more about him. In my TBR cirrent pile now, so I'll find out soon.

  28. I love that you had the first kiss from the hero's POV, Shana. Fantastic!


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