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LAST DAY of the Blog Tour

Hmm, I had written a blog post for today, and it was scheduled, and it disappeared! Just vanished. I wondered why it wasn't posted already today. *sigh*

I wonder where I put it. :) I don't have time to rewrite my brilliant post because I've got to go to work soon so I'll just wing it! It was about being impulsive.

I don't see myself that way--I'm definitely not an impulse buyer. But on the other hand--I've made some major changes in my life that were matters of necessity, that show another side of me. That impulsive side! And here I wonder where my heroines get it from!!!

When I was a kid and later as a teen, we were always having to move. First with my dad being in the AF, then with him being with the space industry, then with him being laid off with tons of others in the space industry. Whenever he'd ask me if I wanted to move, I'd ask when I needed to pack. :)

In part, I'd say I loved adventure--a new place to explore, new things to do. And so I have a chance to go to Scotland to see five castles and though I'll probably have to use more leave than I have accumulated at work, and more money than I have--it's the opportunity of a lifetime. My critique partner is going with two other friends and they're renting a car and driving on the wrong side of the road and seeing 5 castles and I whined that I wanted to go too, expecting her to smile and says she wished I could too. But instead she said I could! I've been through so much stress with moving the library, and all, and jumping into a Highland trip is stressful too. But I'm ready for it! Kind of!

And that's when I realized I might just have a couple of impulsive bones in my body.

Heart of the Highland Wolf

Now, all good heroines must have a good motivation for wanting to be impulsive. Right? So here's my reason--I have a lot of ancestors from Scotland: MacNeill (the commoner), Campbell (the daughter of the Duke of Argyle), Playfair (the famous--craters named on the moon and mars after him, and another was famous for his architecture, another for creating bar and chart graphs--and also known for trying to blackmail a duke...), Hawthorn (although they started out in Ireland, and one was born on the Irish Sea while moving to Scotland)--so lots of Scottish connections! Plus, I'm writing a Scottish historical medieval series and a Highland werewolf urban fantasy romance yes, I have to do research. Although my critique partner is going to check out if Highlanders go commando under their kilts, while I sedately take pictures of all the glorious castles. IF I get to go.

What about you? Are you way more cautious? Have to plan everything out? Or are you impulsive? Want to go to Scotland too? Not sure the Highlanders could handle a bunch of wild Casababes and our fans! :) But my library co-workers all said they'd go and help with my research too. :)

Okay, this little wolf pup is trying to howl, but he's not able to yet. :)

So I'm going to have to do the howling! :)

I'm here for my 2nd to last day of the blog tour at A Journey of Books!

And I'm at Night Owl Romance for my last day of the tour talking about Creating Fantasy from Reality!!

Do I have any fans from Australia? On my blog tour, the book shipments are limited to Canada or the US because it's so expensive to ship. And with Australia being down's the highest, I'm sure. I had sold Celtic Clan bears to two different families in Australia and the shipping was almost the price of the bear. I LOVE the Aussie accents, and I love watching programs that show visits to Australia. So if I have enough of a response--at least 10 comments from Australians who are interested in an autographed book on any of the sites I've posted, I'll ship the winner a book of choice. :)

A super review from Books 4 Moms!!

And some of my books ended up in the Wormy Hole! Thanks to Beverly for trying out my books!

I'm off to a day of work. If anyone finds my original post, please let me know, all right? I think it's the move. I kept thinking Monday was Friday because I had to go into work on both Sat and Sun. The weekend won't come soon enough!!!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. Congratulations on surviving through another blog tour, Terry! I always feel such relief when it is over but also a tiny bit sad. It is fun to connect with readers and share what you love about your story. Then you have to wait several months to do it again, at which point you will grumble about it! LOL!

    I am glad it was so successful. Emily read your latest and said it was her favorite. I am still behind a whole book, but one of these days I will catch up!

  2. A change of scene is always good for the creativity. You go and peek under some kilts, 'kay? Consider this recon for next summer's Casababes Highland Fling--a business expense if ever there was one. Meanwhile, I will practice my baying at the moon.

  3. Hey Terry.

    I've had two major moves in my life. (I don't consider across town or my last move which was 2 miles to be worth mentioning)

    The first was after my junior year of high school. My dad took a new job in February in a new state. My mom and I stayed in the old home until the end of school and then we moved.

    I didn't look forward to starting my senior year in a new place...but there wasn't anything I could do but deal with it.

    The second move was going to college. Yet again in a different state...and I never left.

    I can honestly say I am not impulsive. I need everything planned to feel safe. My husband on the other hand loves to up and change the schedule because he thought of this great idea to go do. *shudders*

  4. Terry, I'm so glad you're going to Scotland! I loved the castles, but you have to be sure to go to the village bars, too. The working guys wear khaki "work kilts" and big heavy boots - big muscular legs...whoosh! And if there are older guys there, ask if they know any Burns. Chances are they'll recite a few poems for you in their fabulous accents. It's important research, right? But don't be too impulsive - the wives come and drag their husbands home around midnight!

  5. Terry,
    I am not impulsive! I like to think and study on things before I act.

    I've been to Scotland and the people are so nice and friendly. You will love it!


  6. You know, I think I'm both impulsive and not. Typically, I'm of the "plan and ponder" variety (should I stay or should I go? what will I do when I'm there? can I afford this? blah, blah, blah)and then I just shuck the plan-and-ponder and say "what the heck, you only live once". I love every minute of whatever adventure I've embarked upon and then when I get home, I regret it (always a time and money issue) and curse my impulsiveness. If I was infinitely wealthy, I would be INCREDIBLY impulsive.

    And your "on the fly" blog post was excellent, Terry.

  7. Congrats on a great blog tour! You've been EVERYWHERE and I know the requests that came through for your tour were abundant!

  8. Yes to Scotland, please. I'll fit in your suitcase (a really big suitcase...) :)

  9. Thanks so much, Sharon!!! It was hard because of having my son's wedding to go to, a book to finish and conference, but all of it turned out really nice!! And yes, I'll be doing it all over again for the Dec release!

    I'm thrilled Emily loved Seduced by the Wolf! I hope you enjoy it too! Just set aside your deadlines and enjoy. LOL!!!

    LOL, Grace...I wonder if there's a law against peeking under kilts? Definitely great idea for the Casababes Highland Fling. LOL I think I hear a wolf howling already. Is that you??? :)

    Hey, Beth, we moved in my junior year of high school. We didn't have a choice. But I skipped the last two years of high school and went to college instead to earn duel credit. I loved it. :) I guess my dad was as impulsive as me. He came to the high school when I was in chemistry and said, "We're going to the college and you're taking the entrance exams." I was terrified, yet ready. LOL :) And I passed and was enrolled in college!

    Joanne, that sounds like fun. I'll tell the ladies! I hope they say it's okay to take pictures of them!!! LOL We promise we're not planning taking any of them home. LOL

    Thanks, Amelia! I'm so excited about this. I hope that I won't be shot down at work over it. :) My boss said it was okay, but I'm not sure the director will agree.

    Thanks so much, Olivia! I have no idea where that post went to. LOL. I looked in other blogs thinking I didn't put it in the right place. But it just vanished! I'm like you. I wish I had the money so I could be a LOT more impulsive. Hmmm...Grand Cayman Islands, here I come! :) That's for more research, of course. LOL!!!

    Thanks, Danielle! You did a super job setting it up, and I so appreciate for keeping me straight!!!!!! I'll fit you in if you fit me in on your next great adventure! :) Thanks!

  10. I'm so excited you get to go to Scotland. That is the one place I would LOVE to visit! I'm not sure about cramming myself if your suitcase, especially if Judi is already in there, but it might just be worth it...

  11. Lol, Amanda!!! Hmm, I could take an extra suitcase! :) You all are fun!

  12. Hero's blog tour ended yesterday, so I know EXACTLY how you feel, Terry! Congrats on making it through!

    As for being impulsive, in a word, I am NOT! Everything is thought out in advance and planned down to the last detail. Except my books. I like to let them take me wherever they go, and sometimes, it's not according to plan. Maybe that's why I enjoy writing so much!

  13. Shew! You are one busy lady, Terry. But keep those books coming. :}


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