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A Memorial to a Wolf-Dog Companion

by Terry Spear

One of the things I love about fans is how they want to share some news with me--this one is about a much cherished friend and companion--a wolf-dog named Micah who lived the good life with his human family.

This is a picture of Sia McKye's dearly departed wolf-dog companion, Micah. He's beautiful, Sia, and I want to thank you so much for sharing him with us. You've talked about what a treasure he was, but seeing a picture of him is a real treat.

So I wanted to take a moment to share him with everyone who loves canines. He is beautiful and I know he was very much loved. And I must say, he looks totally pampered on those gorgeous brocade pillows and the Scottish plaid one too. But he should be! :)

The end of the year had some great news too for me--LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF was nominated for TRS Cupid and Psyche Awards. Last year, TO TEMPT THE WOLF was nominated and won Honorable Mention, along with 3 NYT best selling authors, and the winner was a USA Today best selling author last year! :)

Legend of the White Wolf

So though the chances are always slim I'd make it that far again--I'm just thrilled LEGEND OF THE WHITE WOLF was nominated!

I was really excited to be asked to be interviewed about my werewolves for the International Wolf Magazine also!!! Imagine that---a werewolf romance writer in a wolf magazine that is geared toward educating people about wolves! Woohoo! :)

The most fun part was when they asked about how I reconcile the differences in my werewolf stories with heroes who have 6-pack abs, and those in traditional stories. What's to reconcile? They get lots of workouts--the most pleasurable ones with their mates! Lots of fun!

SEDUCED BY THE WOLF was mentioned in the magazine! Which seems appropriate since Leidolf definitely got lots of a work out in the book!

And here is DREAMING OF THE WOLF's cover!!! What do you all think? It's Jake Silver from DESTINY OF THE WOLF (book 2).

I'm totally in love. :) Fans have said if he's a triplet brother, they are in love with all of them. That stands to reason--3 hunky brothers who look like this? Yum. :) This one is coming in Fall, 2011.

And I need to send in the cover art ideas for The Wolf and the SEAL, which is finished and sent off also! And I have my first time travel romance (a ghostly tale--A Ghost of a Chance at Love), coming out this year too--different publisher though because it has too much ghost to it, so I didn't bother Deb with it! :) I'm working on THE HIGHLAND WOLF IN PARADISE, the 10th book in the werewolf series. Duncan is finding out just how nice swimming in the Caribbean is compared to the cold North Sea--although it might have to do with the she-wolf he's swimming with. :)

But that means--it's time to propose more, because I'm running out of contracted books to write!!! So, I just sent 3 more wolf proposals to Deb and am working also on a medieval Highland time travel I hope to propose to her also later. It all began with research I started in 2005 for my first Highland book: Winning the Highlander's Heart. I've done lots more of late, can't get the story idea out of my head--which is always a good sign! Time travels are my favorite, and I never can get enough of them!

And I've had 4 bear orders out of the blue! One is for a large Penny bear--she loves to read books, or watch the sky. She can lie on her stomach with chin propped on her paws, legs crossed behind her as she reads her book. After her paws are embroidered with a girl's name and birth date, she's bound for a teen's birthday who is getting a copy of one of my autographed YA books also!

And tis the season for Celtic Clan Bears!! This one is on order, and I also have a McHenry and Mitchell Celtic Clan Bear in the works for orders.

Some of my Wilde and Woolly Bears have won awards at various doll and bear shows--the most prestigious--Best of Show at a Fort Lauderdale Doll and Teddy Bear Show for a wizard; best dressed bear for a Jester with 3 cornered hat; most unique bear for a peg leg pirate bear!

But they've also been featured in Teddy Bear Review Magazine, Texas Monthly Magazine, Texas Co-Op Monthly, The MacNeill Galley, and several newspapers! And some were in the International Teddy Bear Connection film by Spectral Visions. They were auctioned off for charity after that. I also donate a bear to the Ronald McDonald House for their annual auction.

Here is the Irvin Celtic Clan Bear!

So the end of 2010 was great, and I'm ready to begin the new year with lots more super news, enthusiasm, and well I'm just raring to go to write!!!

I don't make new year's resolutions though, except to have my weekly word count goals to make deadlines, my own nudges to get a couple of more proposals on board, and plan a trip to New Mexico for a wolf reserve visit and the trip to NY to see everyone at conference. Other than that--the year is wide open for any possibility!

Anyone going to NYC? Anyone need a special bear? :)

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."


  1. I read somewhere once that writing what you know is good, but writing what you LOVE is better. Clearly, you write what you love, and have productivity, energy, and a fertile imagination to show for it. Congrats on all that awaits you this year.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photo of Sia's wolf-dog Micah. He's gorgeous and was obviously loved. It shines through in the photograph.

    Congrats on nomination over at TRS and Psyche Awards and being interviewed by International Wolf Magazine! It sounds as if things are off to a wonderful start for you Terry.

    Your bears are adorable! I love the Penny Bear. It's been too long since I've done a little cloud watching on a warm summer day.

  3. Thanks, Grace!! I so agree that you should love what you write. Years ago, I wrote a story I wasn't enthusiastic about. I'd never publish it. It never had heart. And there would be no way I could ever write a sequel. After that, I knew that I had to write what I loved or it would never work! :) Thanks again!

    Hey, CH, thanks so much! Oh yeah, wouldn't it be fun to just lie back, arms behind your head, one leg crossed over the other, watching all the big fluffy white clouds floating by in a brilliant blue sky, just imagining what all the wisps of clouds really were? Thanks for loving the bears! I've been making them for 20 years now! Doesn't seem that long!

  4. Terry, I'm feeling quite inadequate at the moment. How do you do it all and have a day job? You're amazing. It sounds like it's been a great year for you and you have a lot on the burner for this year. Good luck with it all!

  5. LOL, Anita! I keep thinking how much more I could accomplish if I didn't have to work all the time!!! :) Thanks! I love your Highlanders!

  6. You are shaping up for a busy 2011and that's absolutely wonderful ... congrat's on all the 2010 honors! That bear looking at the clouds almost made me blow the bottom out of that commandment about coveting. Not that I'd covet my neighbors ass, but a day to look at clouds would be nice. I'm looking forward to NY ... see you there.

  7. Sounds great, Carolyn! Hope you are a Rita finalist again and we can watch you get an acceptance speech this time! I was so proud of you!

  8. Terry,
    From your mouth to judge's ears! I was an NRCA finalist, not a RITA but I'm positive that you saying that is an omen ... I'll get busy thinking about a speech ...

  9. Love the cover. It's gorgeous! Here's to another great year!

  10. Micah is beautiful! And the bears are adorable. Have another great year Terry!

  11. Terry, you've had a crazy wonderful year! Congratulations on all your accomplishments. I can hear your excitement vibrating through the Internet. Thank you for sharing Micah. Such a precious story.

    What an intense cover!

  12. Hi Terry - Loved Sia's wolf photo!! And have to confess, am curious about your stuffed bears. Somehow I missed the info on those - do you make them? Could you send me a link for more info? They're adorable!!

  13. Hi Terry. I absolutely love your werewolf series and can't wait to read the next one. That cover? YUMMY! Micha is absolutely adorable. Best wishes to you and much succes in 2011!

  14. Didn't know Sia had a wolf-dog. He was beautiful! As always, the bears are quite adorable.

  15. LOL, Carolyn, you do that!!! It never hurts to be ready for any occasion!!!

    Thanks so much, Shana!

    Thanks, Olivia! One of these days when I have time, I really, really need to design a wolf bear!

    Ah, thanks, Tracey! I am excited! It's going to be a great year--for all of us! :)

    Thanks so much, Catherine! I went back and added links in the blog for my bear website. I'm always forgetting to do that! They've found their way to homes as far away as Russia, South Africa, Australia, and Kazakhstan! And yes, I make them from scratch. :) They have sewn-in labels to show they are made in the USA and I copyrighted them years ago. :)

    Hi Sarah, thanks!!! He is yummy, isn't he??? Hope you enjoy the next book!!! Can't wait to read yours!

    Thanks, Cheryl!! I love making the bears so I imagine I will continue to do so forever! :)

  16. What a beautiful wolf-dog. He reminds me of a malamute (possibly wolfish) dog we had growing up. Misty was a wonderful pet, very lazy and good with kids, and then every few months she would disapeer and often get caught doing something terribly naughty and we'd all be rather shocked. I loved that dog! Congrats on all the exciting things going on in your life!

  17. Amanda, your Misty sounds like a wolf in the making. LOL! Makes me want to have a dog again. My standard poodle was definitely a beta, yet one day when one of our construction workers came up to the house on a motorcycle, she tore after him in alpha wolf-dog mode. And another time, when someone pulled up to the front of the house while I was gardening and unrolled their window to speak to me she tore between us to protect me. I'd never seen her act anything but shy and retiring, my shadow, until she thought to protect me!

  18. Congratulations on all of your achievements, Terry! You worked hard for them, and they are very well deserved!

  19. Thanks so much, Kathryne!! The bottom line is having fun while doing it!


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