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Happy Holidays?

By Robin Kaye

Crazy Holidays is more like it. My third book, Breakfast in Bed will be out by New Year’s Day, and my blog tour is heating up--check my website calendar for all the stops and giveaways on my Virtual Blog Tour. My next book, As Good as He Gets is due in a few days and isn’t quite finished yet. Twinkle Toes, my ballerina daughter, is dancing in George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker for the next two weeks, so her normal dance schedule has made the jump from crazy to certifiable. My son is down with pneumonia and has had to go back and forth to the doctors three times this week alone. My mother-in-law is visiting next week to see Twinkle Toes’ performance. My husband is working to finish the drywall in the living room (one of the four rooms currently under construction) so we can put up our tree. And I have yet to buy one Christmas/Hanukkah present.

I’ve either become very Zen about the holiday stress, or I’ve completely gone off the deep end and just haven’t noticed. In either case, I’m working under the assumption that if I just keep going I’ll eventually get through it. If I’ve learned anything throughout my life, it’s that stopping or giving up is the only sure way to fail. No matter how crazy life has gotten in the past, my family and I have always survived the insanity. I doubt this Holiday Season will be any different.

My plan is simple. Deadlines first, Christmas presents second, and I’m resting the whole Mother-in-law visit (cooking and cleaning included) squarely on my husband’s shoulders. I warned him I’d be living in Deadline Hell and it was sooo not a good time, but he agreed to it anyway so he can live with the consequences. I’ll see a couple of my daughter’s performances and continue to drive her back and forth to dance. When I’m not driving, I’ll be in my office or at Starbucks working until I finish my blog tour and type those lovely words, The End.

I’ve already made peace with the fact that my kids will most likely make out like bandits and get IOUs for Christmas. For those of you not in the know, IOUs are the mother of all Christmas presents. The bearer ends up receiving much nicer presents than they normally would due to parental guilt, not to mention a gift that will last a lifetime—something really juicy to talk to their shrink about and torture said parent with for the rest of her natural life. And knowing my children, they’ll use it to the nth degree.

Now that you’ve heard my game plan, please tell me I’m not the only one out there wondering how I’ll survive the Holiday Season. How do you deal with Holiday Stress?


  1. I'm like you, Robin, trying to keep up for a looming deadline, have another new release, keeping up with promotional blogs, but working full time during the day and teaching online classes at night...soooo, Christmas shopping has taken a back burner. I've also been moving furniture, painting and repairing walls. Today, I HAVE to shop, and this weekend I HAVE to catch up on word count. For me it's deadlines first, priorities, organization, or nothing would get done on time. So after I write here and finish emails, it's time to write. Stess? I've heard walnuts will help get rid of gray hairs. :)

  2. Terry~

    A bottle of hair dye is faster, not to mention fewer calories. Good luck with your word count. I'm contemplating taking my lap desk and computer on the drive to The Nutcracker. My DH and I are going, tell me, do you think he'll mind if I write though our date?

  3. As Winston Churchill once said:
    "If you're going through hell....
    ...keep going."

    That's my plan. One day, one hour, one minute at a time.

  4. You all are my heroes. You all seem so calm about it all. Me, I'm going nuts and I don't have the book deadlines.

    Guess there is light at the end of the tunnel after all.

    Love the quote Cheryl. I think I'll make a poster of that and put it where I can see it this weekend to help me get going.

    It' always a laugh stopping by here. Have a "peaceful" Saturday.

  5. Cheryl~

    I've heard that quote before and loved it. I remember thinking, if you're going through hell, why would you want to stay? Which is exactly my point. Keep going, either you'll get used to it, or you'll get out of it.

    Good luck, Cheryl.

  6. Mason,

    I've found that you don't get much done if you're running around screaming "I'm so @#$%!%!!!!" I'm like that duck on a pond. Above water, I look nice and serene, below, my feet are flying.

    Have a good day, sweetie. I know mine isn't going to be peaceful. I'd settle for uneventful.

  7. Great post Robin! Despite all the extra work and craziness that comes along with the holidays, it's still my most favorite time of year. :}

  8. Robin,
    I hope your son feels better soon. When my kids were sick, it was always the toughest. Hang in there and bravo on your grit. That's exactly what it takes, the, "Damn the torpedoes and full steam ahead," attitude to achieve your goals.
    I've never heard of the IOU gifts, but maybe I want to be your kid. LOL Take care and know that I'm tossing a batch of fairy dust your way to feed your muse and make life a calming pool. Happy Holidays, and may your 2010 be the best yet!

    Diana Cosby
    Romance Edged With Danger

  9. Kathryne~

    My favorite time of the year is any time I'm on vacation. I do love the holidays, but I miss being around my good friends. I used to do it all, the cookie exchanges, Christmas parties, and a big blow out New Year's Party and I loved every minitue of it. Since I've been living in the middle of a remodel for the last few years, parties have been rare.

    Have a very safe and Happy Holiday Season

  10. Diana~

    Thanks, my son's fever is down and he's eating again, which is a good sign. Only my skinny son could get sick and lose 10 pounds in a week. That never happens to me when I'm sick!

    I'll take all the fairy dust you're willing to part with. Me and my muse thank you. I'm wishing you all the best for the Holidays and a very Happy New Year.

    Hugs...Robin :)

  11. Well,
    As our friend Cheryl suggested the other day on her blog. When The going gets tough during the Holidays you just sit down and have Several Screaming Oragasms. Ask Cheryl, She has the recipe. Life will look so much better after. LOL!!!

  12. LMAO, I was so excited thinking about it. Its "Screaming Orgasms".

  13. Diva Donna~

    I'm not sure I'm hoping that's a drink or not. Either way, it's probably good avice.
    Happy Holiday's!

  14. Am I the only person who actually plans and buys Christmas gifts throughout the year? I'm a planner (probably why I'm in PR, haha), and officially finished Christmas shopping last weekend. And since then, I've helped a couple of friends and my boyfriend do theirs :)

    Good luck to everyone with deadlines and surviving the holidays!

  15. Danielle~

    If I didn't love you so much, I'd really have to hate you. Only you would do Christmas shopping throughout the year! I'm lucky I got Twinkle Toes birthday present bought (December 18.) She's going to be a very happy Candy Cane...

    Hugs and Ho Ho Ho,

    Robin :)

  16. I did my decorating while dinner was cooking. A bit at a time that way, but it was done. As in taking more than the one day it usually took. And with hubby home for six weeks after surgery my time was even crazier.

    Same here with deadlines. I always seem to have one during this time of year. You'd think I'd plan better but it doesn't happen.

    I don't let it stress me anymore and gift shopping is online.


  17. Hey Robin,
    Good luck surviving all the madness and your husband/MIL management plan sounds perfect to me. Hope Tony feels better soon and best of luck to Anna with the performances! I wish we lived closer so we could see her.

    I am sooooooo far behind this year that taking to my bed until the 26th is starting to look like the best way to survive it all. My aunt died somewhat suddenly last weekend and I can't seem to shake off the funk of what's been a God-awful year around here. I did an hour of xmas shopping today and had to come home. I just couldn't deal with the madness of it all. Your IOU plan sounds pretty darned good to me!

    Hang in there and good luck with everything! OH and Danielle... If I didn't love you, too, I'd have to come hurt you! HAHA!

  18. I loved reading your post, Robin and all the comments thereafter. I feel better already! It's nice to know I'm not the only one in the group who gets a little crazy sometimes!

  19. Linda~ Good luck with having your DH home. The decorating while cooking sounds like a good idea.

    Marie~ Hugs to you, sweetie. I was so sorry to hear about your aunt. The year is almost over, hang in there.

    Amelia~ You're definitely not alone. There are a whole tribe of us. Welcome to the group.

    I'm off to see The Nutcracker, I'll check back in much later. I just hope Anna has a good show!

    Hugs to everyone!


  20. I'm in that zen place too Robin. I was very happy to have the blog tour stuff not start until January. I breathed easier, got my calendar all planned out very carefully in my typical OCD way with my tasks lined up for each day after Thanksgiving. Then - BAM! - here comes the killer mutant swine virus from hell and I am out of commission for 2 weeks! Am I panicked? Well, aside from being too sick and high on drugs until 2 days ago to feel panic, I just can't let it overwhelm me. It will all fall into place or, oh well....


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