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Christmas Came Early

And Santa brought me my gift.


I love snow. Love, love, love it. I love how it covers all the landscapes imperfections, blanketing everything in a soft white cover. The air is so crisp, the sounds muted, and it epitomizes the feeling of the season.

Honestly, it's all I wanted for Christmas. And, yes, Christmas is still 5 days away, but I'm hopeful it'll stick. The weather is supposed to stay cold, so no melting. I don't need snow to fall on Christmas - actually I'd prefer if it didn't since we go to my mom's house Christmas afternoon, but I like having it on the ground.

And so do my dogs. They keep begging to be let out. So, we indulge. Vixen is the red one, Raven the black. I gave Vixen to the kids for Christmas six years ago, and Raven came to us the following February for my birthday. We love our girls. Poor Pagan wants to go out, but with all the feral cats right next to the house, it's really not an option. But she loves looking out the window, as you can tell.

So, I'm all set for the holidays. My shopping is done, my book signings are done, and I've already gotten my present.

All I have to do is finish editing I Dream of Genies to get it to Deb by the 31st.

Next contract (God, Deb and Dominique willing), no more end of year deadlines. LOL.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


  1. Love the pictures of the snow, Judi! Have fun!!

  2. Doggies and kitties and snow. What could be more perfect?

    I've got to brave the elements later to get my kitty some litter. I made the milk-bread run on Friday before the storm started, but didn't think to check the litter level.

  3. Wonderful photos. The gang all look so cute.

    Glad you're enjoying the snow --- please, please keep it. I'm not a snow person. I'd like to go to snow, but I don't want snow coming to me. I know, I'm such a bad person here at Christmas what can I say. You enjoy the snow.

  4. morning!

    Mary Margaret - I had to run some errands on Friday and do my usual 2-week run (which I normally do during the day but b/c the errands involved the kids who were at school during the day, I decided to incorporate the two.

    Bad decision. EVERYONE was at the grocery store, Loew's, Costco... What should have taken me an hour and a half took close to four. And I didn't even make it to Costco. The lines, the traffic... everyone getting ready for the storm.

    Which is lovely, btw. Three neighbors have been out with snowblowers already, but my gang is still asleep. No one has driven down our street overnight, so its still pristine and I just love it.

  5. Gosh, I miss the snow, Judi. I've lived in the desert for so long now, I forgot what it looked like. :} Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Judi

    Beautiful pictures of your babies in the snow. I especially love the kitty, as I have a beautiful black cat too. My cat doesn't go out either, but she loved looking out the windows at all the snow. It is a winter wonderland out there. Our street has been plowed, but it will take a few days to clear our property.

    Carolyn Matkowsky/Cara Marsi

  7. Enjoyed your post and pics!

    We got 15" of snow and are using the time to bake, wrap presents, read, write, and watch movies. I enjoy the quiet days of being snowed-in.


  8. I'm glad you got your Christmas present, Judi. Your pictures are lovely. Can I have your kitteh? She's gorgeous.

    I wouldn't mind snow if it never hit the roads or sidewalks. Just floated pecifically to the trees and dead winter lawn. Oh, and it wasn't cold. I don't "do" cold. It does look pretty. I simply hate scooping it and driving on it.

    Happy Holidays! And good luck with your deadline.

  9. One of my dogs love the snow, the other is afraid of it. I was out pounding a path for him at midnight so he would finally go out. He's a big weenie.

    i've got over 2 feet of the white stuff here. (it's up to my knees which was a problem because my boots aren't) I was supposed to go to Hershey to see Twinkle Toes dance, but my youngest came down with a fever so I stayed home to watch the kidlet and the snowfall.

    Enjoy your snow. I'll like it much more when my husband and son shovel the driveway.

  10. Very nice! After 2 hours of shoveling, I think I've gotten all my "I love snow" out of my system for the year. Maybe next year too.

    Your "babies" are SO cute, Judi!! (The two-legged ones are adorable too!) Did you take video of the puppies enjoying the snow? Poor Pagan. Even a leash wouldn't be safe enough. You can always bring her a lasagna pan of snow so she can get an idea what it's like out there. Our Shadow is curious too, but not curious enough to get off the couch.

    Thank God for wool socks! :-)

  11. If your area got 22 inches, which is what I heard on the news this morning, you'll be seeing your beloved white covering far into the new year.

    Happy holidays, Judi. Glad Santa brought you your snow!

  12. Kids and Hubs are getting suited up to shovel. Snow plows are in the street and we are amassing the mountain of snow we always get when they do this. This time it's a bigger mound! Good sledding.

    Good idea about the lasagna tray of snow - we might do that just to give her a taste of it.

    Vixen and Raven have already been out 4 times today and are scratching to go out again. They love the snow. As soon as the snow plows leave we'll let them out. Raven also loves to chase snowplows and Vixen just loves guys. She rolls over for any of them. Yeah. I know. Good thing she's fixed.

  13. We got a light dusting of snow here last night, but it's supposed to snow again on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I hope it's not a whole lot, because I have to drive to work on Christmas night...though getting snowed in might not be such a bad thing!
    Enjoy the white stuff!

  14. What wonderful pictures and cutie pie babies! The tree looks like you planned it that way! We have a scant cover of snow and that's plenty for me. And the minute Christmas is over, I'm heading back to the land of palm trees and year-round hibiscus. No more shoveling, plowing, power outages, etc. for me (unless there's a hurricane, but that's a whole other thing!) Glad you got your Christmas present! But did you have to share it with the entire east coast? LOL!

  15. Kat - Giving is the spirit of Christmas. :)

  16. Aw! Too cute! The kidlet liked playing the snow, but my cats would have absolutely no parts of it. They vastly prefer the fireplace in weather like this. :)

  17. LOL Judi!

    Bob was stationed in Boston when he was in the Coast Guard and our shep/collie Mac loved the snow. Played the neighbor kids, etc. I hated it because I had to drive in it and I had a small sports car.

    But then I'm a California girl, growing up in a town known for surfing. Only saw snow when we went to the mountains.


  18. Judi, I couldn't be happier for you. My dogs loved the snow when they were young. Not so much anymore. And my cats look at me as if to say, "Make it go away!"

    Have a good time while it lasts.

  19. Kitteh only THINKS she wants to go out. Once her paws hit that nasty cold frozen water stuff, I bet she'd be saying, "inside! I want inside!"

  20. Now that's the kind of snow I like! Piling up at someone else's house! And for someone who really likes it. Glad you and all your critters are enjoying the snow. It looks lovely! *sigh*

  21. Judi, I love the look of snow. It is beautiful. I have a favorite painting I got years ago at a starving artists show. Huge canvas of a small glen surrounded by trees, covered in snow and a small pond in the middle with a run off stream. I love the quiet and beauty it projects.

    I do love to watch big old fluffy snowflakes fall and the quiet.

    I just hate driving in it and having to fight the snow to get to the animals to feed them. If I could stay inside and not have to go anywhere, it would be better. My dogs love to play and frolic in the snow. Jake and I usually get in a snowball fight or two.

    Truthfully? I love seeing it at someone elses house.

    Love your pics.

  22. I hate snow. Hate, hate, hate it. LOL!

    Seriously, I just wrote a blog about growing up in the mountains where it snowed and for the most part hating every second of it. The occasional sledding was fun, but that is about it. Except for around Christmas. Then we prayed for snow, and never got the classic white Christmas! It would either snow a day or two before and be all slushy and muddy. Or snow that night after the fun was over! Weird. Oh well. Now I live in the valley and am quite content to know that snow will never be a factor in my life. But you enjoy yourself Judi!

    Merry Christmas!


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