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Sexy Christmas Greetings!

Making up stories is half the fun of writing them! And I'm not ashamed to say I write sexy werewolf sagas and love to dig up pictures of sexy werewolf men--yes, he truly is a wolf in disguise, how else do you think he got tangled up in the Christmas lights while he was helping me set up the Christmas tree?

So here is the story: You know humans can howl like wolves, or at least to their own ears, but did you know that wolves actually will come to them?

I needed a little help untangling Christmas lights. Don't we all? I think, other than trying to locate the rest of the tree branches and the top of the tree, that's what is most time-consuming, and unless you have a lot of time and lots more patience, the most exasperating. Unless of course you're imbibing in Christmas cheer. And then your lights could become even more tangled. Or, you might skip them all together. But what are Christmas decorations without a few sparkly lights?

The next best thing is to call for help. I'm not giving away the secret of which wolf he is--could be Darien or his brothers, Jake or Tom, or Hunter, Leidolf, or Chester. Or any one of the other wolfish guys. It's really your guess.

But when I howled for help, two showed up. I'm pretty sure. I was in the kitchen making turkey sandwiches, so I figured it had to have been two of them. How else could my wolf have gotten into the mess he was in? The trickster had done it for a joke, then shifted and took off, leaving my poor guy tangled in the lights. At least I think so. Just as I walked into the room with a platter of sandwiches, I caught him shapeshifting into his gorgeous hunk of a self. I quickly ditched the platter and snapped a shot.

For posterity sake. It's important to have visual stimuli while I'm working on my stories. But I couldn't reveal his face--secret society, you see.

We did get the lights untangled and on the tree. It's beautiful. And though I really hate to give him up to anyone, he's a wolf at heart, you know. So he has to return to his pack, but he said he'd help anyone else with their lights this year if anyone needs his help. Add a devilish wink here, and he's all yours.

A show of hands, ladies? If we have a lot, we'll have to make a schedule! :)

I have to say, too, that Seduced by the Wolf is now listed on Amazon! Somehow it seems real when a new book is listed for pre-order!

And Deadly Liaisons is now 33% off the cover price for pre-orders and is shipping Dec 30!!

To Tempt the Wolf just was nominated for the Cupid and Psyche Award (CAPA) also!

Happy Holidays!!!


"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male--where men are wolves at heart!"


  1. Help with lights? I am so holding up my hand!


  2. LOL!! Okay, you're first on the schedule, Linda!! :)

  3. You know, first come, first serve! :)

  4. (Aunty waves her hand frantically!)

    ME! ME!! ME!!!

    Okay, so I can't even remember the last time I put up holiday lights, but a hunky guy could persuade me to do it. ;-)

    Thanx for a fun post, Terry!


  5. Oh, you've got dibs on seconds, Cindy!!! :) But they'll be as good as firsts. I'm certain! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! I thought it would be fun to get in the mood! :)

  6. My lights may not be tangled, but I could still use some help! Me next!

  7. LOL, Cheryl. I'm sure he can help you with adding to the holiday festive mood! :)

    I'm so proud of everyone for getting into the holiday spirit. Not anyone has mentioned jumping the line. :)

  8. I need help with holiday cheer and oh could he help. Is there room left on the list?

    You do find the BEST photos. I've tried to figure out how to use this for wallpaper for my computer without losing quality - that would be so inspiring.

  9. Hmm, Mason, do you think bigger is better? :) Hehehe...

  10. Well as we get older, our eyesight does tend to dim a little.

  11. Whew, I have to say, this is one of the best xmas photos I've seen, Terry. Keep 'em coming! ;}

  12. LOL! That was fantastic, Terry! Fabulous post! You know, I really don't care which wolf he is as long as he can come over to my house and get tangled in my lights. I'll make him a turkey sandwich if he wants it! After all, he will be working up an appetite. ;)

  13. LOL, Kathryn. *sigh* Who needs Christmas presents, right???

    Hey, Sharon,
    The only thing better would be a pack of 'em, right? :) Glad you enjoyed him!!! And you might keep out a pumpkin pie also. Wolves do like pumpkins, according to one reserve that cares for the wolves!

  14. Oh I think I need help with my lights too!!! LOL


    Merry Christmas Terry!

    Lisa :)

  15. LOL, Lisa!!! Merry Christmas to you also! This guy is going to be really busy!

  16. I'm So in! LOL My lights are always tangled, even though I have one of those thingies that you use to wrap them around.

    That photo is smokin! I tried to find a sexy santa, but I fell a little short this year. Thankfully I have this picture to look at to keep me warm through the blizzard we're having.

    Merry Christmas, Terry!


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