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Puppy Dogs!

I’ve got to say I love the picture and the caption even if it’s nothing to do with my post.

I’m dug under with a book and a final read for my October book, Hex in High Heels.

And as always real life surprises me.

Yesterday afternoon I went out front and next thing I knew a cute little Westie was there with “hi!” and demanding attention. No way to identify him, although I’ll take him to my vet to see if there’s a chip, and I couldn’t leave him outside. Natch. He went into the back yard with no problem, loved water and kibble and while Bogie isn’t happy, new doggie seems content. I haven’t seen any Westies in the neighborhood, but I’ll do what I can while my dh is saying “I think we have a new dog”

My family knows me too well. I love all animals and I’m vain enough to say they love me.

Good thing I don’t intend to be one of those little old ladies that collect critters, but still, would you turn away a cute little dog who has all this love to give? And he could end up in a book too!



  1. What with work and final edits on Legend of the White Wolf and watering in this 106 degree Texas heat...I'm behind on everything. But if a cute little Westie came to my front door, I'd definitely have to give him/her a place to stay until I could find the owner. :)Hope his family gets in touch as I'm sure they're as frantic as I was when my standard poodle chased after something and got lost. Dumb dog. :( The only reason the people made a real effort to find me was that she refused to eat. She was totally my shadow. :)

  2. Awwww, a Westie! I think someone must be missing him; they are the cutest dogs, next to Yorkies and Yorkie-poos and pugs and... I love dogs. Don't have one - my twenty pound Maine Coon would probably eat it for dinner - but I love dogs.

    And the picture and caption are hi-larious!

  3. Practically every pet I've ever had was a stray, and I've found them to be much more loyal than those I've brought home on purpose.
    Sounds like the little guy has a nice, new home!

  4. I have a westie whose mother lets him come to my house for sleepovers. He is one of the nicest dogs I've ever encountered!

    And yes, no matter how far behind I am, if one showed up at my house, he'd be a welcome addition.

  5. He's a handful. Totally lovable and adores attention. Bogie still isn't sure. Ignores him at times, snarls a bit, but it's due to his age.

    My mom's muttering bath and brushing :}

    And he woke me up at 5am because he had to go out.

    And I'm sure the neighborhood cats that like hanging out in our back yard is NOT happy.


  6. I wish one would come to my door.

  7. My mother has four Yorkies. I had two Great Danes and one mastiff lab mix (one Dane passed away a few months back). My 19 yr old dd works for a vet clinic, she has two dogs and two cats, all rescue pound babies. We have soppie sucker written all over us, it's in our blood. Yeah, if he came by my door, I'd keep him.

    Good luck.

  8. Bogie is a Chihuahua/Yorkie that looks like his Yorkie half. And he's behaving better.

    I made a found dog report through the shelter and one person did call, but he was looking for a border terrier.

    This little guy looks like a Barney.


  9. I'd definitely take him in. He sounds adorable!

    Robin :)


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