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Wolves 'R Us

While writing my wolf tales, I do a lot of reading up on wolves and recently I found a true life story with a tragic ending for one wolf's mate, but the wolf found another to love, my favorite happily-ever-after wolf tale. So I hope to include it in a story soon.

Right now I'm writing more blogs and author interviews about wolves, werewolves, and the like for the upcoming release of Destiny of the Wolf.

So the question that invariably comes up--where do you get your ideas?

From research on werewolves, wolves, and the areas my books are set in, werewolf legends and mythology, body language, both for humans and wolves--and pictures like these that tell their very own story. :)

But the wolves are only part of the story. The tale wouldn't be complete without the human part of the equation.

So here's the human side of the story. :)
Next up is
Temptation of the Wolf, due out in the fall, and I can't wait to see what the art department comes up with for a new cover. :) And following that is Allure of the Wolf, (title still under discussion), but it's about Arctic wolves, so the first picture above shows what our hero/heroine might look like in their Arctic fur coats. :)

Terry Spear


  1. Hey Terry!

    I for one LOVE reading your books because you can tell the amount of research that went into your work. Your werewolves act like real wolves! Looking forward to working with you as the series continues :)


  2. Hi Terry,
    Interesting to know where your ideas come from. Mine come from all over--the newspaper, riding in the car, conversations, world events, etc. One thing about ideas--once you open yourself up to them, they truly are everywhere! Good luck with the remainder of your series!

  3. Based on your research, what do you think of keeping wolves or part-wolves as pets?

  4. Terry, my daughter kidnapped Heart of the Wolf and has once again lost all sense of time and reality in a CasaBabe novel! First it was The Wild Sight, then Line of Scrimmage, and now you! Of course, I cannot complain as it is wonderful to see her reading so avidly. But then again it sure would be nice to have her come up for air long enough to clean her room or do the dishes!

    She absolutely loves it and is rather smug about the fact that she is reading it before me! Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us and giving us a taste of what is to come.

  5. This fellow wolf-lover is all about those pictures! I think it's very cool that you made your werewolves so reality-based.

  6. Woohoo, thanks, Danielle! Your comments made my day! And since I'm at work on my lunch break, that's saying something!

    Thanks for sharing, Marie! I always am curious why someone is motivated to write a particular story. :) It makes me treasure the story all the more.

    Hey MM, No way, unless they're hunky werewolf types. :) Wolves, whether part or full, are wild animals and from what I've read, they can't be vaccinated. So wolf owners would be at risk. Even dogs can get vicious with their own family members from time to time and they've had centuries of taming. I did get a fan mail from a wolf-dog owner who said her dogs were more alpha than the beta wolf-dog, but still, from what I've read, they're not easily trained, ahem, they're a wolf! :) So housebreaking, teaching them not to chew or dig,and breaking that running free wild spirit can be a real problem. Thanks so much for asking the question!

    Ahh, thanks, Sharon!!! Wow, I'm thrilled she loves it...but I had to laugh at the any excuse not to do dishes, etc. Sounds like my daughter!!! Thanks again!

    Waving hi at my werewolf co-conspirator, thanks, Kendra! Now with the wolf running, what do you think he was up to? The cameraman??? :) No teeth bared so looks like he's having a bit of fun!

  7. A friend of mine studies wolves, Terry, and yes, your research definitely shows.

    We had a malamute that was half wolf. What I always loved is that kids could crawl all over her, pull her tail and ears with no problem, but no adult never dared do it.

    I love the pictures!


  8. Great covers, Terry. I'm still anxiously awaiting the cover for Outcast.

  9. Thanks, Linda! Heck, I didn't need to go so far to do all that research. I could have just asked you! :) LOL on the Malamute/wolf combo and the adults not messing with her. :) So the question is, how in the world did the Malamute and wolf mix come about??? I know, how technically, but....well, you know what I mean! LOL

    Thanks, Cheryl! Yeah, me too! Can hardly wait to see the new hunky covers!!!


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