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A Lord Apart is out!

Did you ever wonder how hot water pipes worked in the early 1800s? The second book in my Way to a Lord's Heart series features pair of Regency nerds who work together getting a bathtub installed in his country house. And then make use of it together!

After his parents’ sudden death, Daniel Frith, Viscount Whitfield, is struggling to unravel a web of chaotic family records. He is astonished to learn that his father’s will contains a mysterious legacy: a house left to a complete stranger. He knows nothing about the beautiful Penelope Pendleton, and he’s not sure he wants to…until she turns out to be a whiz at all those nasty tasks involved in estate administration.

Penelope has no idea why Rose Cottage was left to her. But it’s a godsend after her brother’s reckless actions disgraced her family. She had planned to stay out of Viscount Whitfield’s way, not grow ever closer to him. But when they discover how entwined their families really are, Daniel and Penelope must collaborate to avoid a scandal that reaches much higher than either could have guessed.

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