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Brave New Earl Nearly Here

It’s two weeks until the release of Brave New Earl, the first book in my new Way to a Lord’s Heart series. This is the story of an earl overcome by melancholy and a determined woman who eventually shakes him out of it.
Widower Benjamin Romilly, Earl of Furness, has given up hope of finding happiness. His wife died in childbirth five years ago, leaving him with a broken heart and a child who only reminds him of his loss.
Miss Jean Saunders, a cousin by marriage, hears rumors that the earl is too bereaved to care for his young son. Her own history has made her particularly sensitive to this story. She arrives on the scene to evaluate his fitness as a father, and if necessary, to take his son away.
Jean's sudden eruption into the earl's household simultaneously infuriates and invigorates him. She may be the only person who can breathe life into his neglected homeand his aching heart.

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