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Better late than never...

by Cheryl Brooks

Wouldn't you know it? My first time to blog here in ages, and I forget about it until the last minute. Well, maybe not all that late. I'm at least hitting it on the right day.

Unless you've been following this blog forever, you might not remember me. I wrote the Cat Star Chronicles and the Cowboy Heaven series. Right now, I'm about to launch a spinoff series about the kids that were born during the ten-book span of the original Cat Star Chronicles. We're calling it Cat Star Legacy.

I have covers for the first two books, Maverick and Mystic, and I'm currently writing the third book, which has yet to be pitched to the acquisitions people, so I have no idea if or when that book will hit the shelves.

Maverick will be released on September 4, 2018. After all the headless torsos of the Cat Star Chronicles, they finally gave me a guy with a head on the cover. He kinda reminds me of Ben Browder (from the Farscape era). I always liked him, so I was happy with the model, even if he doesn't look exactly like my sexy Zetithians, who are supposed to have eyebrows and ears like Mr. Spock, fangs, cat-like eyes, and long curly hair.

The second book is Mystic, which has a January 29, 2019 release date. This one marks the first cover with a guy who actually looks Zetithian! In the original version, I thought his lips looked a little too pink, and I asked the cover artist to tone them down a bit. Imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I realized they'd not only fixed the lipstick issue, they'd given him green cat eyes and pointed ears! *waving arms and cheering* Now if they could just give him more hair...

I'll tell you more about Maverick closer to the release date, but for all you Cat Star fans, here's a review that I hope will whet your appetite!


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