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Happy Spring Equinox

In the northern hemisphere we’ve officially made it through the winter, even though there’s still plenty of snow in some places. The spring equinox is the time of year when the length of the day and night are equal. And from now on, the days get longer. Gardeners can plant or look forward to planting; the rest of us can anticipate flowers and returning warmth. 

One thing I do at this season is consider what I might to let go of. It’s spring cleaning in the larger sense – mental as well as physical. I look at what I’d like to release. Futile worries, maybe, or a needless sense of limitation. Physical cleaning can be part of it, with piles of donations for charity. But I appreciate the internal openness even more. Sweep all the cobwebs away!

Once the decks are clear I can think about what new initiatives I plan for the warm expansive times. What would fill the series I’m writing now with life and excitement? What would make me feel great? What can I do for friends and family and community? Are there projects, new relationships, skill studies you want to begin or carry through? Now’s a great time to think about it.

Have a wonderful spring!


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