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Spring is coming! (?)

Spring is here! According to my father, who lives with me. Who needs a Groundhog Day when you've got a dad who can read nature's signs? Let me make this clearer-- I live in the Northeast, Connecticut to be exact. It was 25 degrees this morning. Spring is most definitely not in the air. 
So not spring. 

But, Dad poked his head out and made a declaration. Good news, he didn't see his shadow. He did hear migratory birds chirping. Aha, spring! Not so fast. We've got a potential snowstorm brewing for this weekend.

Not a groundhog (but a good dad and grandpa).
Still, the idea of spring appeals. Winter is my least favorite season, even if I am really enjoying the Winter Olympics. Figure skating! Curling! Snowboarding! Luge! I've been shopping for Easter dresses, looking at new sandals, planning my escape from the cold, dreaming of spring flowers. It will be here, soon. Not soon enough for this Connecticut girl. 

Not a spring flower (but an incredible skater)!

Spring flowers, coming soon! 
Are you ready for spring? What's your favorite season? Did you know that Easter falls on April Fool's Day in 2018? 


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