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The Flu

There's never a good time to be sick, but I have to say that my daughter always manages to pick the very worst times. Not that she chose to catch the flu, but I wish she could have caught it when we were off for Christmas or off for the ice storm. NOT when we were supposed to be getting back to a normal schedule.

So while I juggled all the various medicines she needs, doctor's appointments, and my writing deadlines, I also became an expert at how to entertain an elementary school child for 8 days of no school.

1. Find a series you can watch together, preferably one with multiple seasons.
This was easy. We'd been reading Little House on the Prairie, so I bought season 1 and we watched a few episodes every day.

2. Find easy crafts that have multiple steps.
Do one step, watch your series, then send her back to do the next step.

3. Make use of the camera feature in those ipads.
Kids can spend hours making videos of toys, dancing, singing, pets, or even pretending to give interviews.

4. Play school.
I emailed the teacher and had her send work from school. I told her it could just be classwork, not even stuff for a grade. I write while my daughter does schoolwork.

5. Find a good book.
Fortunately, my daughter is reading Harry Potter and is happy to read another chapter when she gets bored. But her reading stamina is only about 30 minutes. So I also found some good audio books she can listen to when she gets tired of reading.

So wash your hands, take your vitamins, and get enough sleep. But if the worst happens, now you have a plan.


  1. Thank you for this, Shana! I agree about the reading energy. Just went through a few days at home with a feverish boy and Roald Dahl's readings saved us. They are perfect and soothing.

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