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Linda Broday: Snow, a Giveaway and a Sale!

I know everyone in various part of the country are sick of snow and ice. This weather has sure played havoc. Down here in Texas our weather has been really wonky. One day it's in the teens or twenties and the next day the 70s. We never know what it'll be.

Two years ago my oldest daughter got married after years of being single and raising two daughters. A week before the wedding, weathermen said the day would be sunny and 60. The day before the happy event, it snowed and snowed. Roads were a mess and the entire town of Lubbock basically shut down. Guests had a difficult time arriving and some opted to stay home.

But that's not the worst part.

The florist didn't deliver the flowers. The bakery didn't make the cake. The Tux rental shop gave the groom's tux to someone else and he had to make do with one that was a little too large. Everything you can imagine went wrong.

At first, my daughter was in tears then she said the wedding would go on and they'd make the best with what they had.

It was a beautiful ceremony and she was so lovely.

This is what we do. We make the best of the hand we're dealt. The bundt cake at the reception was very tasty. The flowers bought at a grocery store were beautiful. And watching my daughter and her new husband smile through it all brought happy tears.

That's my snow story. Now I have a Goodreads Giveaway for my Feb. re-issue THE COWBOY WHO CAME CALLING. Four autographed copies! The giveaway ends on Feb. 6th. Click on the image to enter.

Also...Book #1 of the series KNIGHT ON THE TEXAS PLAINS is on sale at all outlets for $1.99! Pick it up and be ready for Book #2.


Life is amazing and the way we deal with it determines how satisfying and happy we are. Do you have a snow story? Or any story when things went wrong on as special day?


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