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Five ways to combat those winter blues.

I'm not one for winter. Not even when it comes to the holidays. I hate the cold, the ice, the snow. I hate being cooped inside my house for days on end, only leaving to pick up my kids for school and occasionally going to the doctor and grocery store. Seriously. Nothing says depressing to me like grey snow and dirty cars along the road ways.

This winter has been especially rough. My husband has been suffering from a back injury for months, only having surgery a week ago today. He's better now. BUT he's also home with me, and now I feel like the two of us are suffering through the winter blues together. Ugh.

Don't get me wrong. I've come up with some things to keep me functioning throughout the winter. So, thought I'd share with you all what those are. 

In the comments, talk to me about what YOU do to keep yourself sane over the winter months. :)

1. Netflixing: 

There was a time long ago when I didn't think I'd ever become a binge TV watcher. That, has obviously gone by the way side because I am currently a Netflix junkie. The show that's been getting me thought? Jane the Virgin. HOLY CRAP. This show is life to me, surpassing even my TWD obsession. Jane is the worlds best heroine--and the fact that she's a romance writer is even better. Seriously. If you haven't watched this one, I highly HIGHLY recommend it.

2. Reading:  

Of course this has gotten me through some icky, snowy days. And since my TBR pile is endless, it's been a welcome distraction. I've been on an LJ Shen binge lately. I love her grumpy heroes. So much. 

3. Mall-walking:

Don't laugh... But I've been doing this a lot more than I ever thought I would at the age of 36. I try to go at least once a week, usually before the crowds hit, because the flu is practically an epidemic around my parts right now. Doing this not only helps keep me active, but it also gives me a chance to people watch. And I'm a HUGE people watcher. There's always bound to be one person that gets my writerly brain going. 

4. Closet organizing:

Ugh. This is totally NOT fun. But, in the end, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Like, I've actually done something other than sit on my butt all day Netflixing and Reading. As someone who suffers from major writer's block at times, I find my mundane closet organizing to be pretty damn fulfilling for my  under worked brain. Obviously I don't do this a lot, but when I do, it honestly fills my days, and sometimes, that all I need.

5. Writing:

This shouldn't come as a huge surprise. I've actually been working pretty hard on getting new words down. Not only am I co-writing my first book, but it's for a story that hit me pretty hard last year after a grocery store mishap and a one certain bag boy at the grocery store. It's a long story. One you may or may not have heard about if you follow me on Twitter. But with the help of my friend Jessica Calla, we are bringing this reality to our book, of course. I'm also hard at work on a bull riding story about a man and lingerie, and the spicy little red head who loves to make things cowgirl sexy. That's all I can give you at the moment. I'm hoping to hear more on the release of book three in my Reckless Hearts series, Recklessly Ever After. I have finished that story and now I'm waiting on edits and a cover. Right now, a tentative release date of October is set.

So, there you have it. The five ways I've been able to combat the winter blues. They are not the most exciting of things, but hey! A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.

Reckless Hearts and The Right Kind of Reckless are now available! 



  1. Sanity in the winter months is a hard won type of thing. It is cold here too and not conducive to outings. I haven't watched Jane the Virgin but will certainly peek what with your enthusiastic recommendation. I heard that the character's book is actually being sold as a romance novel at the moment! When I am stuck indoors, I internet surf, read loads, and play in the kitchen. That last has been trying out recipes for a Mediterranean diet since I am helping a family member with heart health and brain health (memory issue). For exercise, I turn on something to listen to and do general body weight stuff and am now incorporating a kettlebell. Cross your fingers that I don't take out a window accidentally!

    1. Yes! I've downloaded the sample of that book out of curiosity. Haven't read it though. But the show is so phenomenal. Get ready for loads of laughs and tears.

      And it sounds like you've definitely got a handle on the winter blues, for sure. I'm counting down the days until spring. :)

  2. I totally get it! I've learned a few tricks that really help me so I'll share. Maybe they'll help others.
    #1: I combat the darkness with a light therapy light in my office. #2 Vitamin D3. Also called the sunshine vitamin! #3 we take a vacation down south every years in January. We just got back and although I miss it, I'm more energized than before. It also gives me something to look forward to after the holidays.

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