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My Top 4 Holiday Movies

I don’t get nostalgic for very many things, but I make an exception for holiday movies. It’s probably because of my annual tradition of saving all my present-wrapping for the very last minute. For weeks, I ignore all holiday warning signs and realize, around today’s date, that I have about 10,000 presents to be sorted and wrapped.

Hence my annual movie marathon.

In a few short hours, I will retreat into my office with this year’s load of goods, lock the door, and cue up several holiday movies to get me through the paper-and-ribbon slog. (Don’t worry – I take breaks for snacks.)

Although the assortment of movies changes year-to-year, you’ll almost always find some combination of my Christmas movie top four.

While You Were Sleeping

I can pretty much recite this movie from start to finish (“These mashed potatoes are so creamy.”), and I always take a moment to pause when the newspaper boy bites it during his routine delivery. Even though I never, in my wildest dreams, pictured Bill Pullman as hero material, this movie is the ultimate rom-com and a thing I strive to achieve with every book I write.

Little Women

Little Women isn’t technically a Christmas movie, I know, but it starts with the March ladies celebrating the holidays, so I always tend to watch it this time of year. I’ve tried valiantly to get my daughter interested in watching it with me, but she hates all things historical romance. Waaaah!

Fiddler on the Roof

The tradition of watching this for the holidays started about ten years ago, when one of the movie channels (TMC or AMC or something) showed a Jewish-themed movie marathon on Christmas Day. My in-laws had it on in the background, and as Fiddler on the Roof happens to be one of my favorite musicals of all time, we sat down and watched it. It’s now become a tradition for me, and I don’t feel complete until I’ve seen Tevye dancing about.

Jingle All the Way

I’m not going to say that Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes from this movie are the ringtone for my phone, but, um, Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes from this movie are the ringtone for my phone. ‘Nuff said.

“Put that cookie down. NOW!”

Tamara Morgan is a contemporary comedy romance author. Ninety-nine percent of her information comes from television, movies, books, and all other pop culture activities that limit the amount of time she has to spend in polite company.

Her long-lived affinity for romance novels survived a B.A. degree in English Literature, after which time she discovered it was much more fun to create stories than analyze the life out of them. She lives with her husband and daughter in the Inland Northwest, where the summers are hot, the winters are cold, and coffee is available on every street corner.

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