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All I Want For Christmas…Is A Hot Scot!

By: Alyson McLayne

Ah…Christmas. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1. I love the confusion every year as I put the three pieces of our Christmas tree together and can NEVER remember which cord plugs in where to light up the whole tree.
  2. I love decorating the tree to beautiful Christmas music playing in the background—and by music I mean the tinkling of glass bulbs as they smash to the floor and the screeching of kids as they fight over the ornaments.
  3. I love the hours spent decorating sugar cookies when I’m determined to stay on my diet—and I can no longer lick the extra icing off my fingers.
  4. I love getting up in the wee hours of the morning because I’ve forgotten to change the placement of the elves who are watching the kids by day and flying back to report to Santa at night.  ;)
  5. I love the seemingly, never-ending line-up to take pictures with Santa every year because once you start, you can never stop. 
  6. I love shopping with my 5-year-old who wants to buy her dad things that are pretty, pink and sparkly—and then has a meltdown in the aisle when I say no.
  7. I  love the continual running of my credit card through a machine that eats my money like a middle-aged, carb-addicted mommy eats through a bag of Oreo cookies (not that I’d know anything about that).
  8. I love the nail-breaking, finger-ripping work required to release the kids’ toys from their hermetically sealed plastic packaging that would make NASA proud.
  9. I love cooking Christmas dinner and worrying every year that the turkey’s undercooked, and I will wipe out my entire family in one fell swoop.
  10. I love putting the stuffing inside the turkey despite all the experts telling me not to and then worrying I’ll wipe out my entire family in a second fell swoop.
  11. And most of all, I just LOVE Christmas…for reals. 
You've worked hard this holiday season! Pour yourself a drink and curl up on the couch with a Hot Scot—I'm thinking Darach MacKenzie from HIGHLAND PROMISE will do.


Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and an Amazing New Year!
Take care,

Alyson McLayne


  1. This is so entertaining and relatable. Although my kids are grown the memories of decorating and shopping with them are tucked away in a box of memories I hold dear. I loved this. Merry Christmas.


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