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Puppy Love

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (and you should! Come on over!), then you already know my struggle. I mean, news! Exciting news! I have a new puppy!

I wasn't really planning on getting a new puppy at this time. I have a Pembroke Welsh corgi. Like Queen Elizabeth II, I love my corgis. But one was enough. And that one, Kylie, is pretty old.

Kylie is sixteen. She sleeps almost all day, and when she does move, you can see the effort it takes her. But she has been my devoted companion and the joy of our house since my kids were little. They're all grown up now. But I still have my Kylie.

The plan was to let Kylie live out her days in peace and then hold off on dogs for awhile. I married young and started a family right away. I thought, how nice to not have anyone to care for, for once in 26 years.

But then my daughter got a puppy, Henry. And Henry came to visit Kylie. And Kylie, who never liked other dogs in her youth, was suddenly up and running and playing again! So my husband said, "let's look for a puppy!"

And did I take the sensible role? Did I say, "Gee, hon. You travel for business often. You're at the office all day. You sleep like the dead and never hear anyone (sick kids, yelping puppies) calling out in the middle of the night. Who is going to care for this puppy?" Nope. I have a friend who had a friend who had a puppy ready to be mine. And now we have Bandit (a little female tricolor Pembroke Welsh corgi).

Bandit adores Kylie! Not sure it's always mutual.

And this happened. Teething! Those teeth chew everything. My furniture. My clothes. Me. My laptop cord. Chewed right through. So now we're in dog training. And I still love her. No regrets.

Are you a dog person? Cat person? Any puppy training horror stories? 


  1. Love your dog pictures, Sherri! I have cats and a dog, so I love both.

    1. I'm allergic to cats, but I adore looking at cat pictures. All the cute without the sneeze.

  2. So adorable. I've had two wonderful dogs and for over 25 years have been helping ferals/strays and have/had many, many cats. The don't chew things, just scratch everything. You can't be a picky person and love animals - I choose them over things!

  3. I am a dog lover! I love my "old" puppies!! They are getting on up in years, don't know if I'll have more. Hubby says no, but we will see.


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