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Trick or Treat? Halloween Reads!

It's nearly Halloween! Or so my grocery store told me back in June when they first set up the Halloween aisle. Because nothing says "I need a secret chocolate stash!" like having the kids home from school. Stock up! I've already eaten my weight in Kit Kats. Twice.

My favorite Halloween costume as a kid? The ever-threatening Bunny Rabbit. 

Clearly, I wasn't going to grow up and one day write a book about a demon hunting orphan's desperate bid to rid the world of vampyres and save her werewolf lover... Oh. Well, as long as it also packed a few laughs. Jane Slayre has a new low price for the ebook version. Check it out!


And while you're there, maybe investigate some other fun Halloween reads, like Ashlyn Chase's Flirting with Fangs series ( or Molly Harper's Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs. (

Or classic horror fiction, like Henry James's Turn of the Screw ( or Stephen King's It (

What are your favorite Halloween books? Best costume? Your Halloween candy of choice? 


  1. Oh, Sherri! Thanks so much for recommending my Flirting with Fangs series!
    I did a signing at B&N last Oct and it went great! I wore a long black dress, red lipstick, fangs... Lots of readers and eventually a huge fan!

  2. I guess Five Little Pumpkins is my favorite book. Costume? One time my sister-in-law wore 50 gray lamp shades (50 Shades of Grey). Candy? I'm vegan so I stick to Skittles or Twizzlers.

    1. Skittles and Twizzlers are vegan safe? Good to know! I love both. 50 Shades costume, brilliant!


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