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Fandoms. (I have them)'s something we all deal with in our lives at some point or another. Whether it's over a TV show, a particular author or book series, a band or musician you can't live without, or maybe a series of movies that you'll never tire of watching. Either way, there's something pretty darn amazing about being part of certain fandoms, and I'm about to admit to you all mine.

Fandom #1: The Walking Dead 

I'll be the first to admit I'm like a sixteen year old, fan-girling over a Beeb's concert every single time this show comes on. Like, I'm scary hardcore about it. So much so my husband thinks I'm insane, and my twelve year old daughter asked if we could travel to Atlanta JUST to see the set. 

I've got a room filled with memorabilia, a drawer full of t-shirts, the key chain for my car keys is a bow and arrow with the words I heart Daryl Dixon on it, and the Pop figures I bought for my kids. (Well, all but ONE Abraham Pop figure, of course. RIP my big, beautiful ginger.) Anyways, I follow blogs, read fanfic with my girls, watch YouTube theory videos on occasion, and go to the Chicago Walker Stalker Convention as well in the spring. I don't do this fandom lightly, that's for sure. 

(YES I'm well aware I shared this the last time I blogged, but...I'm in mourning. I can't help myself.) 

Fandom #2: The Rascal Flatts

At the age of twenty one, this was one band I couldn't get enough of. I went to six of their concerts in two years, traveling all over the Midwest JUST to see them. I was in their fan club, met them four times, and for Christmas that year, my husband had a hoodie made for me with me and these three boys on the front from one of my meet and greets. Under the picture it said: My Boys. Yeah...I had it bad. I was the first in line to get their new CD's, listening to them over and over until I memorized every word of every song. Even now, I write to their music at times, because nothing says tragic break up music like these boys and their music. 

Fandom #3: The Twilight Movies and books

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Don't EVEN get me started on my love for this series. My love for EDWARD, more so. I remember watching the first movie in my living room, how my mom had BEGGED me to watch it and how I'd refused for so long, until...I just couldn't refuse any longer. There I was, six months pregnant with my third daughter, watching and watching, and RE-watching this movie until I had every Edward/Bella scene memorized. Oye. I was a mess over this movie. Then I read the books, over and over and over. So much so, that I read Breaking Dawn WHILE in labor. I went to every movie after Twilight at midnight with my sister in law. I even named my daughter Bella. THEN I bought my daughters shirts that said "Edward fan just like my mom" for my oldest two, and for Bella, I bought a special one that said "I'm just a baby Bella looking for her baby Edward." The proof is in the picture below...

 Needless to say I went a wee bit overboard. 

When I love something, I love it so hardcore that I live and breathe it for months at a time. Sometimes years. I have no qualms with loving something, that's for sure.

Now tell me, what are YOUR fandoms? 


  1. I also like TWD, but not quite as much as you do. I'm thinking I need that keychain! I actually get kind of excited about activists. Recently Ingrid Newkirk of PeTA spoke in Houston, and I was so bummed because I had to miss her for an important birthday party. I tend to be fans of people who are working for big change in the world.

    1. Those are far better Fandoms to have than mine. ❤

  2. I fangirl pretty hard: Firefly, Star Wars, Tolkien, Farscape, X-Files, Buffy. Those are the principals. I may or may not have dressed up in costume for (multiple) movie premieres. I may or may not have written bad, breathless fanfiction for any of the above. It's silly, maybe, but belonging to fandom communities has been super empowering for a nerd-girl grown up who finally found her tribe.

  3. Yes!! This is exactly how it is for me too, Vivien.


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