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Why I Love the Fall!

Tomorrow is the beginning of fall and I am so looking forward to the season. I know January is technically the beginning of the new year, but September always feels to me like the start of the year. Why do I love fall so much?  Well, let me count down the reasons I love the fall!

 10.  Sweater weather. I enjoy when the weather starts to cool and it’s time to break out the comfy sweaters. Pair that with leggings and my fuzzy boots and I’m in wardrobe heaven.

9.  Great deals on office supplies.  I love the deals, the smell of fresh binders and notebooks. A new notebook holds endless possibilities!

8.  Rain. Strange as it might sound, I look forward to the rain. What can I say? I’m from the Northwest. I like rain. I especially love to listen to the rain fall on the roof as I drift off the sleep. Of course, by January I’ll be desperate for some sun, but now I’m happy to have a little rain.

7.  Fall colors.  I admit I probably take trees for granted. But in the fall they come alive in bright colors that make me take notice.  Taking a walk in the fall leaves is a favorite fall tradition.  Seriously, it’s pretty much mandatory so get on out there!

6.  Shaving. Thanks to sweaters and leggings I don’t have too. Ok, TMI – moving on…

5.  School.  The kids go back to school.  And every mama says wahoooo!

4.  Hot chocolate.  I love coming in from the cold and enjoying a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate with little marshmallows on top. I suppose you could have hot chocolate on a warm day…no, no you just can’t.

3.  Football. I can’t wait to put on my official jersey (the most expensive shirt I own) and sit on the couch, eating munchie food with no appreciable nutritional value while yelling at professional athletes to run faster and catch that dang ball! C’mon!

2.  Holidays.  There are so many great holidays in the fall:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, my birthday.  In a few days I get to celebrate my anniversary.  Nineteen years and he still makes my heart go thump. Yup, the fall has the best holidays!

1.  Curling up by the fire and reading a good book.  My favorite!!

Speaking of good books, here is the official cover reveal of My Highland Rebel – out Jan. 2017!  What do you think?


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