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Happy Autumn?

We've had a post or two about fall being upon us, and although the equinox occurred last Thursday, the only evidence of the change of season is the prevalence of mums and pumpkins. I haven't bought a pumpkin yet, but I did get some fall flower arrangements and draped a lighted garland of leaves over the doorway where I normally put the Christmas lights. I planted asters and iris and made curried pumpkin soup from last year's frozen pumpkin. The flowers are lovely and the soup was delicious, but nothing I've done has brought on the cooler weather. I'm remembering last winter when someone posted (probably on Facebook) that it was too hot to wear her Christmas sweater and she didn't have any Christmas capris. Neither do I, and I'm hoping this winter won't be a repeat of the last one.

Speaking of Christmas, I bought something the other day that I've been asking Santa to bring me for nearly thirty years. I'd already gotten that sporty red car every driver ought to own at least once in their lifetime, but that's not what I'm talking about. You see, the one thing I always said I would buy first if I ever won the lottery is a tractor.

My neighbor will mow my pasture for a reasonable price, but she's a busy farmer, and she's lucky to get the job done once a year. So, after 27 years of living on this farm, my husband and I decided to bite the bullet and get a tractor of our own. I'd always planned to add an equipment shed on the side of the barn if I ever bought a tractor, so back in March, I called a local contractor. Getting him out here to take a look at the barn took a while, but he finally came. He just never called me back with an estimate. Weeks went by, and I called someone else. The second guy came out, gave me a fair estimate, and said he could get to it in about two weeks.

As I recall, that was in April. I called him back in mid-May, and of course, the constant rain had put him behind. He said he'd get started after Memorial Day. Labor Day has now come and gone, and I still haven't heard a word, so I said, "Screw it. The horses will just have to share the barn." I ordered aisle guards to keep the horses from messing with the equipment, and my husband and I went shopping.

A friend had recommended a Kubota, and after looking at them and comparing prices, last Wednesday, I went back to the dealer and bought one, along with a front loader, a mower, and a grader blade. They're supposed to be delivered this week, which means I'll finally be able to mow my own pasture, grade my own driveway, and plow any snow that gets in the way.

Someone told me that all the persimmon seeds look like spoons this year, which is supposed to mean we'll get a lot of snow. For once, I'm okay with that because this time, I'll be ready.


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