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New Release: Carolyn Brown's One Texas Cowboy Too Many

One Texas Cowboy Too Many hit the shelves yesterday morning! It’s time for a launch party so drag out your cowboy hats and boots, put on some line dancing music and bring on the drinks. This is Leah Brennan and Rhett O’Donnell’s story. What’s not to love about a cowboy who shows up in Burnt Boot on a motorcycle with steer horns mounted on the handlebars? 

She's got too many cowboys on her hands
Leah Brennan has always been the good girl of the Brennan family, groomed to become the matriarch of the clan. When a dark-eyed, tattooed, ponytailed bad boy saunters into her life, Leah knows he's off-limits-but his mesmerizing gaze makes her forget everything she used to think was important. As town-wide tension rises, Leah wonders if love really can conquer all...

And the whole town's taking sides
When Rhett O'Donnell roars into Burnt Boot on a hot July evening, the first thing he sees is a beautiful blonde. She puts a little extra giddy-up in his heartbeat, but when Rhett's desire throws him into the middle of a love triangle and a hundred-year-old feud, he realizes that winning his cowgirl's heart will be a lot more complicated than he thought.

Need a little rest after all that line dancing? Well, come on over here to this back table in the Burnt Boot Bar and let me read an excerpt to you while you sip on that good cold beer:

“This wild cowboy right here.” Betsy’s eyes did a sweeping scan of Rhett. “I do like the pony tail and the soul patch and the tat is real nice.” She traced it with her fore finger.
“Oh, really?” Rhett grinned.
She was kind of cute but she was another feuding woman. Too damn bad that that Leah had to be thrown in the basket with the likes of these hussies. Of all of them, she would have been his choice to get to know better.
Betsy gave him the once-over. “That’s right, but I happen to like trouble so I came to see for myself. I think you might be a hand full of fun.”
“Three,” Sawyer pointed toward the clock.
Betsy moved toward the door, brushing past Rhett. “I heard that you’ll be working at the bar. See you there tonight and leave that cycle at home. I like a truck bed to play around in under the moon and stars.”
Kinsey smiled at Rhett. “You’ll have to overlook Betsy. She’s a Gallagher and they are a coarse lot. They can’t help it. All those people over at Wild Horse come from moon shiners and probably outlaws.”
“And the Brennans,” Rhett raised an eyebrow. “What do they come from?”
“Preachers and God fearin’ folks,” Honey said.
“That’s interesting. Haloes and horns both right here in a tiny little town like Burnt Boot,” Rhett said.
“You got it,” Kinsey nodded. “We’d best get on out to River Bend. Granny will be throwing a fit if we’re late to supper. Don’t suppose you’d want to join us for a good hot meal tonight would you, Rhett?”
“Not tonight. My sister and her husband will be along in a few minutes with the rest of my things.”
Honey headed toward the door. “Will we meet her tonight at the bar?”
Rhett shook his head. “No, they’re going to drop my truck and keep going.”
“Too bad. I always like to meet the family,” Honey said.
Sawyer followed them to the door and locked it behind them. “Well, now you’ve been formally welcomed to Burnt Boot. If I was you I’d steer away from both of those families. They mean trouble and I mean serious shit, not little piddlin’ crap.”
“I thought the two families lived in neighboring towns, not on neighboring ranches.”
“River Bend and Wild Horse are ranches but they’re both bigger than the whole area that Burnt Boot takes in and the feud might die down but it’s never ending. Right now everyone is so busy with hay crops and getting summer ranchin’ done that it’s been fairly quiet in town. At least until now,” Sawyer said.
“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Rhett asked.
“New tom cat in town. They are already checking you out. So on first impression, are you going to change your name to Gallagher or to Brennan by Christmas time?” Sawyer teased.
Rhett put up both palms. “I’m an O’Donnell. Born one and plan to die one. None of those hussies appealed to me. Betsy didn’t like my cycle. Honey and Kinsey were far too savage for my blood. The only one that took my eye was Leah. Now that one, with those light green eyes and sweet disposition, that one I could go for.”

You are ready to dance again? Well, go on and have fun but be careful about hugging up too tightly to Rhett. The Gallaghers and the Brennans wouldn’t take too kindly to that! While the party continues here’s some reviews that sure made Leah and Rhett happy:

PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY: Brown revisits the small town of Burnt Boot, Tex., for the third installment in her Burnt Boot series (after The Trouble with Texas Cowboys). School teacher Leah Brennan is immediately attracted to Rhett O’Donnell when he rides into town on his motorcycle to help his cousin Sawyer with Fiddle Creek Ranch. Rhett is equally enamored with the beautiful blond. But he doesn’t realize that he’s also riding into the age-old feud between the Brennans and the Gallaghers, another family in town. As romance between Rhett and Leah blossoms, she exercises independence from her fiercely controlling grandmother, but Granny Mavis doesn’t like Rhett and insists that if Leah continues to see him, she’ll be thrown out of the family home. Brown’s latest is filled with quirky characters and a healthy dose of humor, as the feuding families constantly try to outdo one another with their crazy antics. Yet the highlight of the novel is the sweet and sensual romance between Leah and Rhett.

RT REVIEWS (TOP PICK 4 ½ STAR REVIEW): An intense feud between two families and a contentious love triangle make up Brown’s latest. Readers will fall in love with Rhett and Leah and their genuinely sweet, sizzling chemistry. A delightful story with a charming, laid-back cowboy and a good blend of humor and sexy tension makes this one entertaining read.
New cowboy Rhett O’Donnell rides into town on a tricked-out motorcycle and schoolteacher Leah Brennan’s heart skips a beat. Rhett is intrigued by the sweet Leah, even though she’s off-limits due to a town feud. But Rhett’s not going to let a feud stop him from pursuing her. For Leah, the more she’s around Rhett, the more her heart changes

BOOKLIST: The Brennans and Gallaghers have been feuding for decades, and Leah Brennan doesn’t see it ending any time soon. Her childhood crush on Tanner Gallagher is as forbidden as it gets. As the future matriarch of the Brennan ranch, she knows indulging in it could get her banished. When Burnt Boot transplant Rhett O’Donnell bumps into Leah at the town store, she soon forgets her infatuation with Tanner for the longhaired, motorcycle-riding rancher. Though Rhett isn’t part of the family feud, Leah’s attraction to him brings forth a flurry of threats from Mavis, the head of the Brennan clan. Leah’s budding relationship with Rhett makes her believe she can live without her flawed family, but can she turn her back on all she’s known? Brown (The Trouble with Texas Cowboys, 2015) has built the Brennan-Gallagher rivalry throughout the Burnt Boot series, and fans will be excited to learn the inner workings of their ever-burning hatred. The large cast of characters can be daunting, but ultimately it makes the book a richer reading experience.

Keep your boots on even after this party shuts down and we turn out the lights tonight because A Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle is on the way in September to wrap up the Burnt Boot Series!

 - Carolyn Brown


  1. I enjoy this series so much and just love the O'Donnell family. I really don't want to see this series end, but I am so glad you are ending it with a Christmas book.

  2. I enjoy this series so much and just love the O'Donnell family. I really don't want to see this series end, but I am so glad you are ending it with a Christmas book.

  3. I just love the "family feud" that pits these handsome sexy and hunky O'Donnell boys in the middle with some strong sexy woman who keep them on there toes. It's going to be a sad day to see this series end. But It's been a hell of a ride...

  4. Congrats on the release and the fabulous reviews!

  5. Thanks ladies! This was such a fun series to write!


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