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I Got Box of Style (so you don't have to)

You've seen them, those monthly subscription boxes. They have them for everything now. Makeup, Clothes, International Foods, Dog Toys, Snacks, Wine... My daughter got me a six month subscription to Birchbox, and I enjoyed it. Every month, I got 4-6 cool samples of new hair, perfume, or makeup products. And it was fairly affordable.

But it ran out. Instead of renewing mine, I returned the favor and got six months of Birchbox for her. And then I moved on to the big guns. I saw that Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe had a Box of Style and I wanted in.

At her webpage, you can see that past Boxes of Style contained some high end cosmetics plus designer label accessories. Each Box of Style, Zoe boasts, contains over $300 worth of merchandise. Box of Style costs $100 a shipment or $350 for four boxes. They are seasonal.

I bought the whole year's worth. My first box, the spring box, came a few weeks ago. And according to Rachel Zoe, the spring box has already sold out! Let's examine my Box of Style.

It comes like a big present! I love presents. Happy Spring, Me! And you open it up and find everything wrapped in black inside. What is all this great stuff? I could not wait to open each parcel. Yes, it comes with a booklet that describes each item but I did not look until I opened everything (more fun that way).

The first item is the biggie, what Rachel Zoe calls "the Hero item." This time, it's a caramel leather bucket bag from Shaffer LA, with a retail value of $150. Along with the bag, you get a code inviting you to shop more from Shaffer for 25% off.

Next, a Jouer Creme Eyeshadow Crayon, The Shimmer. Retail value, $24. Also with an offer for 20% off at the Jouer site. They shipped multiple shades at random. I got a dark smoky gray.

And then, the Not So Heavy Metal pave bar and stone cuff bracelet from Jules Smith (and yes, a code for 30% off at Jules's site). Bracelet retail value, $45.

Maybe my favorite item is LSTN Sound Co. Wembley Earbuds. They're very cool earbuds with nubby wooden bases that fit comfortably and sound great. Retail value, $100. Plus 20% orders at LSTN Sound Co.

Zoe rounds out the box with a full size bottle of Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk that Zoe claims to love (plus 20% off at Klorane) and a pack of Hollywood Fashion Secrets Oil Blotters (and 15% off at the site) with retail values of $20 and $5 respectively. Not mentioned in the catalog or priced is a sample of La Mer.

Total value of my Box of Style (if I went with strict retail value on all items, and I'm sure you might find some on sale eventually) is $344. Now, consider, would I choose some of these items if left on my own? The bucket bag is nice, but not normally my style. But for $100 a box (or less if you buy the four a year), it's a fun box of luxurious treats.

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  1. I tried the dry shampoo yesterday. Hadn't washed my hair, and had to take my dog to the vet unexpectedly. It does smell amazing and it worked pretty well.

  2. That looks really cool, Sherri. LOL! (I type this as I wear my Green Bay Packers sweatshirt). I'm one of those who wants to be stylish but never quite hit the mark. I will check out your style through the ages and share. Maybe it'll nudge me to toss the sweatshirt!


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