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Going off the radar

by Cheryl Brooks

If my readers think I'm not writing anymore, who could blame them? My last book came out in March of last year, and my next release isn't until this coming April. That's more than a year between books, which can spell a death knell for a writer's career. These days, if an author doesn't put out something every three or four months, they disappear from the average reader's radar. Facebook helps to maintain visibility, but nothing works quite like a new book.

There are several reasons for my disappearance, the first being the fact that the second book in my Cowboy Heaven series, Must Love Cowboys, had to be revised and relaunched as a "sexy contemporary" rather than an "erotic romance." It didn't take me very long to make the revisions, but in the publishing game, a single delay results in a bump to the next season. It's finally available for preorder, though, and will release April 5th!


The other reason for my disappearance is that I've been writing a paranormal romantic suspense trilogy in its entirety before self-publishing it or even shopping it around. This series is closely tied to a single catastrophic event, and the three stories are interwoven to the point that a change in one book will result in serious repercussions in the others. On top of that, I've had to do a boatload of research, which seriously slowed down the process. Once that's finished, I'm going to write another book in the Cat Star Chronicles, a series that was fueled almost entirely by my imagination. For me at least, writing goes a lot faster when I can make up everything.

In the meantime, here's a little something to bridge the gap. I recently rewrote and self-published this short story that was originally published by Ravenous Romance as "Three Men on a Boat". At 99 cents, I don't expect to make much money with it, but it's a fun story, and I'm very pleased with the cover.



Weary of her role as the office wallflower, Caroline Richardson longs for an erotic adventure. So when three swoon-worthy co-workers accept her offer to join their fishing trip to Dale Hollow Lake as chief cook and bottle-washer, she is determined to make this one excursion the guys will never forget. 

And before I forget...



  1. Happy Leap day. This book looks good. This is a new author for me and love finding new authors to check out. Will have to look into this book.

  2. Looking forward to this, Cheryl!

  3. 10 years ago, a break of a year between releases would have been nothing. How publishing has changed. But I'm sure readers haven't forgotten you.

    1. Thanks, Shana! There are so many of us now, it's easy to get lost in the crowd.

  4. Congratulations on your new release and here's to your continued success! It's funny, but when I read slows down the process' for some reason I registered 'slows down the princess! Lol


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