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How to Win a Viking’s Heart by Gina Conkle

Don’t you love how those magazine articles titles on supermarket shelves? 


Shrink Your Thighs NOW!  
This cracks me up because my thighs take their sweet time.


Sex Tips for the Modern Woman  
Was it really so different for the ancient woman? How many positions are there? (quick, let me check my Kama Sutra).

And a personal favorite

Touches That Lock Down His Love
Ask the single ladies about this...I've been married too long.

You might be surprised how long ago Viking's had a fascination with sex and romance --- the men and the women. But, they didn't have colorful magazines dispensing advice.  Skalds (storytellers) shared Viking lore in smoky longhouses until one famous 12th century Icelandic chieftain, Snori Sturlson, put those tales on paper. Snori was most interested in history and mythology, but the steamier stuff showed up in his writing. 

If Snori Sturlson wrote for Cosmo, he might call this:

1    1. To Amuse Oneself (at skemmta ser)

This term shows up in the Sagas, letting us know the Vikings didn’t take the “lay still and think of England” approach to sex. Physical intimacy, sensuality was to be enjoyed, as much by women as men. In fact, you’ll find just as many references in the Sagas to Viking women seeking their pleasure as the men.

2     2.    Crowding Together in Bed (hviluprong)

Are you a snuggler? Then you would’ve liked the Viking approach to romance. One common sign of courtship was a man stretching out on the bench near his love interest and laying his head in her lap.

Picture an evening in a long house. Everyone is feasting, and a warrior freely shows his affection for his sweetheart. Another sign of courtship was a Viking woman making or mending a fine shirt for her love interest (but we won’t go the route of chores! Let’s stick to the romance).

The idea is the snuggling carried on to bed…as much for warmth in those cold northern climes as for tenderness and affection.

          3.     Enjoy Him (njota hans)

             Viking women liked sex. In fact, some divorced their husbands if they weren’t                            sexually satisfied. How many other cultures in Europe can claim that?!

            One Saga tells of a handsome Iceland Viking falling for a pretty, young Iceland                           maiden. He plans a summer of trade in Norway to shore up his fortunes, promising to             return soon.

While in Norway, the young Viking falls under the influence of an older woman with magic skills. She has her way with the young Viking but the young man’s heart belongs to his girl back home. Miffed by his rejection, the older woman casts a spell, making him impotent for his true love (unbeknownst to him).

Upon returning home, he marries the young maid, but after a year of trying, sex comes up short for her. She goes to her father to argue why she’s divorcing her otherwise upstanding young husband. She explains how she’s unable to “enjoy him.” And, yes, divorce resulted in the sagas.

Next time you think about those Vikings…remember, they weren’t all about raiding and pillaging. 

If you're up to the challenge, please share a title of a magazine article you've seen. I'd love to read it!

Gina writes Viking and Georgian romance with a softly sensual side. She loves history, books and romance. When not visiting fascinating places she can be found delving into the latest adventures in cooking, gardening, and chauffeuring her sons. 

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  1. To amuse oneself? Love it. Clearly one of my ancestors.
    Happy new year Gina. :)

  2. That's some awesome information. I didn't know any of that. Thanks for sharing, Gina. I love your Viking posts.


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