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Meet, Greet, and a Little Treat by Terri L. Austin

My head is spinning just a little bit. I’ve been doing lots of promo for not one, but two, book releases. (Shameless plug time: His Kind of Trouble drops November 3. Woot!) 

I really enjoy being on social media, chatting with readers, and dropping little snippets of my book like breadcrumbs. It’s fun, but I love it when I can meet readers in person, which I don’t get to do nearly often enough.Here I am with the fabulous Niki Rayven (Niki Rayven's Niche shout out).

At a recent book signing, I met people that I’d connected with only on social media, so it was a real treat to interact with them face to face. I had an absolute blast. A big thanks to the Barnes and Noble team. 

And my new nephew-in-law, Mario, had me sign his bicep. I told him he doesn't win any points until the ink's permanent. 

And I even got to meet some new-to-me authors. Hello, Amy Engel! More delicious books to buy? Yes, please!

So here’s my snippet for His Kind of Trouble. Set in Vegas, this sexy tale features bad boy Brit, Cal Hughes, who tries to tempt former wild child, Monica Campbell, into embracing her naughty ways.

He was playing with her. She knew he was playing with her, and yet she couldn’t leave it alone. That damned last-word thing. “Just because I don’t want to use my desk doesn’t mean I do boring sex. And I didn’t notice you complaining the other night.”

Cal raised his brows. “Who said anything about the desk?”

That left her speechless for a moment. “Then where?” Curiosity overrode her sense of propriety. “I’m for sure not doing it on this floor.” She winced at the industrial gray carpeting. Looked scratchy.

“Not the floor.” Cal reached out, his hand landing on her chest. His tanned fingers plucked open two of her shirt buttons.

Monica froze to the spot, helpless to stop him. She was not having sex in her office. But the very thought of it caused thrills of excitement to skitter throughout her body. “Up against the wall?”

“Where’s the imagination in that?” He placed a finger at the base of her neck and lazily traced to the third button.

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  1. Love all those signing pictures! So nice that your family comes out to support you.

    1. Thanks, Shana. And to be honest, Mario had just finished working out. I think he wanted to flash his biceps at the author table. :)


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