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Winter Stories to Cool off this Texas Heat!

The cover for the new release coming Feb 2016!!! Love it!  It's also set in the winter like the next few stories.

SEAL Wolf in Too Deep

Don’t you guys all wish you had those abs? And, ladies, don’t you also? If he was yours, I mean, of course. lol :)

My dad used to say, “Yeah, but when they get older, those muscles all turn to flab.”

I’m over halfway done on Covert Cougar Christmas! It's coming out with a megaton of paranormal authors. Excited! It's Alphas Unwrapped.

And my story in it:

Coming Dec 1!

But before that:

A Silver Wolf Christmas!

I'm so tired of the heat and so ready for the cool that these stories really appeal! 100's for the rest of the month and through September. :(  And NO rain!

Then I need to get cracking on the jaguar Christmas story!!

Peacock Bear in early morning light

New Peacock Bear

And New Blue and Purple Bubblegum Bear

Purple Bubblegum Bear
Purple Bubblegum Bear

Back to writing on Covert Cougar Christmas! Have a super day!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Wilde & Woolly Bears


  1. Awww...muscles don't always turn to flab. My husband, Mr. Amazing, was a carpenter when I met him and had the most gorgeous body. Now that he's older and sitting behind a desk, he does his best to eat right and take walks each day. The muscles aren't bulging anymore, but neither is he flabby! I've seen some older guys in movies who still have six-packs! Maybe they work out a lot. I don't know. I just refuse to believe they ALL let themselves go.

  2. Cute bears! I sure wish I had those abs. I always hear abs are made in the kitchen, which makes it tough.

  3. Beautiful covers, Terry (and of course the bears are darling also!)


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