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Farewell Summer

Summer is over in the Galen household. In your part of the world, you might be stretching the season to Labor Day, but we have gone back to school. My daughter began Kindergarten this year. She loves it, and I love it too. We can walk to school, she’s making new friends, and I have time to work.

I always like to go on a mother-daughter end of summer trip, and last week my princess and I were in San Antonio with a friend and her daughter. This little girl was beginning middle school. I asked how she felt, and she said, “Nervexcited.” That’s a great description of how I always felt before a new school year.

It’s how I feel before a book release! My big day is September 1. The Rogue You Know comes out, and I’m so nervexcited. I want everyone to love it and buy it and add it to their keeper shelves. My daughter’s biggest fear about Kindergarten was that she wouldn’t make any friends. An author’s biggest fear about a book release is that no one notices.

One thing I hope readers will notice is that right now the print edition of The Rogue You Know is less than $5. So if you pre-order it, you get a real deal. Oh, and you could win from me. I have a big giveaway going on right now, and I only need a few more pre-orders to give away my next prize. It’s a $50 gift card to Target or the bookstore of winner's choice. And maybe I'll get to my 3rd goal, which is  the randomly chosen winner receives $75 Visa gift card.

If you want to enter, you don’t have to do anything but click here and enter your name and address.

Happy End of Summer!


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