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technology, space travel and love

will Solitaire ever be home?  
Science Fiction romance combines two of my favourite things, romance and sci-fi. While some people will argue that the only real sci-fi is all about the technology, what is the point of technology without considering the impact on human lives? And what is life without a little romance?

The ES Siren series is at an end. Ours to Save (book 9!) came out last week (July 23rd). Like any good adventure I took it with friends (Mel Teshco and Denise Rossetti also wrote books in the series). We built our ships and filled them with people and then set off heading toward a new life on the planet Solitaire.

When we started writing we had no idea how we were going to pull the world together or how the drama on the ship would unfold. 12 months in space....anything could happen.

We had riots, and fighting, splinter groups and micrometeoroid showers. Among all the drama we had a couple of ménages form, a prisoner fell for a soldier, a scientist met her match and a laundry worker got rescued.

Along the way we had to invent suitable weapons (you don't want to be firing guns in a spaceship), new plants that had been discovered on Solitaire, and everyone's favourite ration meal...soyroom stew (which kind of became a running gag from all the characters, and by gag I do mean gag. Have you seen soyroom stew? Kinda gloopy and grey. Ew.)

We also had to construct a ship that could be dismantled at the other end for accommodation...

Which is where we leave the survivors of the first ever colonization effort by Earth. Not everyone on the voyage lived to see Solitaire. Those that did will find a planet that isn't like Earth even though it can support life.

This is a thank you shout out to my co-writers for going on this trip with me and for the readers who followed the series. Hopefully Denise, Mel and I will get together to find out what happened on Solitaire. But even if we don't I'm sure the people who settle there will invent new technology and find love and thrive, because that is what humans have been doing for hundreds of thousands of years.

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