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If a Picture's Worth a 1000 Words...

...what's an infographic worth? 

They're a fun, colorful way to share information. Statisticians and accountants love facts and figures, but the rest of us go bug-eyed. Numbers rarely scintillate. 

The history nerd in me loves them! Tell me to "make a family budget" and I happily set that aside. Ask me when Shakespeare died or when and who started the Bow Street Runners and I'm your girl. 

An employer once smiled and said, "You know more useless information..." 

Some things stick with you. They even inspire my Midnight Meetings series and book two, The Lady Meets Her Match. The series is set in the mid-1700s. More than once, readers and bloggers have asked, "Why the mid-1700s? Why not Regency?" 

I know "Regency" is officially part of the Georgian era, but it's as different from the clean-cut 1950s as 1990s grunge. There is a difference. And let me share a few reasons why... 

The Lady Meets Her Match, book 2 in the Midnight Meetings series releases April 7th.

The story plays to the Cinderella romance, only Cyrus Ryland is a commoner known as the "King of Commerce" and his lady love, Claire Mayhew, wants nothing to do with him. 

What's a man to do when Cinderella doesn't want her shoe back?

I'm Gina Conkle, writer of Viking and Georgian romance with a softly sensual side. It would be great to connect with you in one of these social places:

Did any of these numbers surprise you? Have a few numbers of your own you want to share?
I love history nerd facts. Regale me!

P.S. There's a huge giveaway on my website. More numbers for you: 12 authors, 24 books, and 1 basket all celebrate World Book Day. Since 1995, April 23rd has been the day set to honor reading and publishing. What better way to celebrate than books?! Come see for yourself:


  1. I'm impressed! Love the infographics!

  2. Thanks! It was fun to do and to try something new.

  3. Looks like a nice giveaway! Unfortunately, I'm one of those who doesn't use Pinterest/FB or Twitter, but thank you for the offer anyway! I am definitely NOT a history nerd but I appreciate folks like you who make history much more interesting!

  4. Super post, Gina! Love the stats...when others do the hard work of compiling them. Trivia is cool too. 😉


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