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Proud Author Moments (plus chocolate fountains)

Being a writer is 90% writing/daydreaming/plotting/talking-thinking books and 10% reminding yourself the rest of the world exists, or so it seems to me. So last weekend, I took some time out to have a girl's weekend away with my mum and two sisters, just to reconnect.

Re-enactment of myself with
chocolate fountain
For Christmas, I'd gotten them tickets to Cirque du Soleil's Totem (and one for me too!), and mum had tickets to High Tea at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne, so we definitely made a weekend of it.

The High Tea was amazing. They brought out little trays with scones and sandwiches, and you had your choice of champagnes and different tea varieties. I ate my little heart out... and then realised there was a dessert buffet! Instant regret over the sandwiches. You name it, and it was on the dessert buffet. They even had a chocolate fountain.

That night the streets were awash with thousands of people (over 500,000 to be more precise) for the White Nights, an art festival in which Melbourne blocks off the streets of its CBD for all manner of musicians, art displays and people. So. Many. People. I enjoyed it at first, but then there definitely came a moment when this little introvert needed some space. Back to the hotel for some time in the spa and girl talk.

The next day we got to indulge in my personal favourite activity: Stalking bookshops. As an author who lives in a small town in the country, it's a rare experience to get to walk into a bookstore and actually see your books on the shelf - plus a recommendation! This is the first time it's happened to me in Australia, apart from a specialty romance bookstore, so I count this as a definite achievement. I am now in Dymocks.

It's the first time we've all been away together in years, so it was nice to start a new tradition. Sometimes life gets so busy, that it's difficult to find time to catch up for these moments, and rare to just get away from everything - families, husbands, work etc. - and just hang out. It's nice to really sit down and chat with your girls and we've now decided that High Tea is definitely going to be on the menu again!
My pretties...

So I'm curious about what type of traditions everyone else out there shares in their families, or with their friends? You never know, I might need some new ideas for next time...


  1. High Tea sounds delicious! I love grazing on tiny sandwiches and bite-sized surprises, and I can only imagine your dismay when you discovered the dessert section (although I imagine you found room to try several things--I know I would, even if I had to pay the price for it later). Unfortunately, I don't have traditions any longer, but my girlfriends and I used to try a new restaurant every other used to be so much fun as we shared different dishes and caught up on things. Thank you for the lovely pictures (although now I am craving dessert, lol).


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