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Valentine’s Day...Already? by Jade Lee

Valentine’s Day...Already?  by Jade Lee

Don’t panic. It’s still January. That means Valentine’s day is still a month away by my count. It’s not true, but if I try to think in terms of actual days and weeks, my brain might freeze up. Can’t have that, right?

But let’s slide right into the quiz. Guess what I find most annoying about February 14.

A. That the decorations go up in stores before I’ve even taken down my Christmas decorations. Or Halloween decorations.
B. I’m on my post-Christmas diet and suddenly I’m flooded with emails about chocolate hearts.
C. I’m supposed to think of something romantic to do with my husband. Last year’s winner: we said to each other, “It’s Valentine’s day. Happy Valentine’s day.” We’re so romantic...not
D. As a romance novelist, Valentine’s Day is a great promotional opportunity. So not only do I have to be romantic with my husband, I need to think of something awesome to do in public.
E. Absolutely nothing. I love this day!

Answer: All of the above, including E. Sound contradictory? Well, that’s me. Because I find the commercialization of holidays inevitable. Ever been tempted by a Kwanzaa corn cookie? I have! And all the preparation and thought that goes into holidays are definitely annoying, but then all part of the joy of the day, right? Or maybe I just like emoting, which is what my family says. Valentine’s day? I wuv you! Halloween? BOOO! Scared ya?  Kwanzaa? Have some sweet potato pie!

Yup, I’m a holiday junkie. So next question. Guess how I loooove to celebrate a holiday, any holiday.

A. Gifts! Little ones, big ones, I’m all about giving and receiving.
B. Stretch out on the couch and read a good book.
C. Marathon Benedict Cumberbatch session. Or Nathan Fillian. Or whomever is my flavor of the day.
D. Food, food, food. Yum!
E. All of the above!

Answer: E, naturally. I love all of the above. But D is the reason I’m on a post-Christmas diet. Gotta get lean before the Valentine’s day chocolate binge, right?

Now as a treat for you! Tell me what’s your favorite way to celebrate a holiday and I’ll give one lucky commenter a pre-order copy of my Valentine’s Day anthology A Dozen Rakes, Renegades, and Rogues, Oh My! A dozen historical romance authors are selling it at 99 cents, release day Feb 14! But don’t wait. Get it now. Here’s the amazon LINK
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  1. What a great line up of authors! Perfect release day too :-)

  2. One of my pleasure for holidays or celebrations is when I get the chance to go out for a nice dinner (since I do all the cooking lol) and maybe a movie. Getting together with family and friends too!

  3. My favorite way to celebrate a holiday is to hang out with family over lots of good food and a variety of beverages.

  4. with food

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  5. I still just love having a quiet dinner for two.


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