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Something Amazing

Amazing doesn’t just mean “really good.” 

Here’s my definition of Amazing:
Amazing is surprising, delightful, new. It opens up new worlds and is a product of true creation. It’s also universal. Amazing speaks to the human spirit. 

What is your definition of Amazing, and/or: 

·         What is the most AMAZING romance novel you’ve read in the past month? 

·         What is the most amazing romance novel your best friend read in your last month? 

·         How about your mother? Your friend from work? Your Goodreads friend?

·         What is the amazing romance novel that you’ve heard about but haven’t read yet?   
·         What is the most amazing romance you’ve ever read?

·         Which of your own books is the most amazing one for you—either because of the process of writing it, or because of the way it turned out, or something else?


  1. I'm going to broaden one question a bit, to answer that the most amazing novel I've read this year is My Beautiful Enemy, by Sherry Thomas. The most amazing novel that I've heard about but haven't yet read must be Diana Gabaldon's Outlander.

  2. I just finished reading a book called "Worth the Fall" by Claudia Connor. I thought it was amazing, especially since the heroine was a pregnant woman with 4 kids! I have to agree with LSUReader, I keep hearing such wonderful things about "Outlander" but I haven't read it yet.


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