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Today is the day thousands of Hunger Games fans have been waiting for. Mockingjay (Part 1) has arrived in theaters! W0000T!

So far I've been very impressed with how the films are staying true to the books. I had been especially leery of CATCHING FIRE and was relieved that it did not disappoint.

I admit to being disappointed about the movie being split into 2 parts, mostly because it'll be torture waiting yet ANOTHER year to see the next installment, but also because I worry that there is not enough material to merit 2 movies. They'll have to put stuff in, or extend battle scenes, or something. Let's hope they don't put in anything ridiculous or out of character, or turn the movie into an overdose of gratuitous CGI explosions.
I also admit that I won't be joining the masses on opening day. I have major issues with crowds so my son and I are going on Monday.
Who else is looking forward to Mockingjay? Do you think it will live up to the book?


  1. I want to see it. My husband wanted to get a babysitter and see it opening night. I'm not *that* excited. I'm sure we'll see it next week when Grandma and Grandpa can babysit one afternoon or evening.

  2. Sounds fun! I can't wait to compare notes!

  3. We are going on Sunday for my birthday with my family. Hope it's not too crowded. And I agree about 2 movies - I'm sure it could have been done in 1.

  4. Waiting for my kids to come home from college for break. Will probably see it the weekend after Thanksgiving. But I'm excited to see it!

  5. I just went yesterday and I loved it! So amazing!


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