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It's DONE!!! by Jade Lee

It's DONE!!! 

By Jade Lee

Guess what???

A. Martians have landed in my back yard and they're pooping gold!
B. My 3 year old niece has just created the formula for the cure for cancer in crayon! Or was that cancer in crayons? Not nearly as exciting.
C. Her dog Molly insists on putting her nose in my suitcase and slobbering on my clothes.
D. I turned in the manuscript for my Nov 2015 book on time!  Er...assuming you add 2 months to my deadline.

Answer D!  And honestly a month ago the Martians were more likely. As for C, I managed to close the suitcase so poor doggie is foiled!

So after this miracle created thru hard work and coffee was emailed to my editor, I celebrated by...

A. Dusting my house from top to bottom.
B. I took a shower. Believe me, I needed it.
C. I went grocery shopping for something other than chips and chocolate.
D. I watched a marathon of a new TV show called Get off your Couch, you fat slob.

Answer: B. Yes, needed to bathe desperately. As for dusting? Hahahahahahaha. Grocery shopping? What do you mean? There's nothing I ever eat except chips, chocolate, and coffee. And I get the coffee from the corner cafe. As for TV...I would definitely watch that show if someone created it.

What do I think of my new masterpiece?
A. What masterpiece? Where? Oh that thing I just turned in? Is it even coherent?
B. It's brilliant. Funny, sexy, with some adventure and lots of heat!
C. I'll wait to decide after the movie comes out.
D. I'm sorry. I'm in a Cheetos-induced coma. I have no idea what we're talking about.

Answer: all of the above! Except D. I'm not a fan of Cheetos. I've been binging on left over Halloween chocolate. And there's not really a movie scheduled, though a girl can dream, right?

And finally, you get to guess what my working title for this book is.

A. The Pig Book.
B. The {}*<€|€~><!| book.
C. The hot guy who loves me!
D. Title? Was I supposed to title it? Oh crap...

Answer: all of the above, at one time or another. But in honor of the pig who pees on the hero--forcing a lovely naked in the stream scene--I have indeed dubbed it The Pig Book. (And it's set during summer, so no shrinkage!)

So there you go. Now you see how empty my brain is after I emerge from my writing cave. 

Tell me your favorite book title and one lucky commenter will win a free Jade Lee eBook of their choice!


  1. Congrats!! I know the feeling well. I'm with you on the chocolate but I have to say...Cheetos are one of my all-time faves. ;-)
    Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your reprieve.

  2. LOL, the pig book with no shrinkage!! (yes, that is what I pulled out of your whole post) :) Seriously though, congrats and I can't wait to read it! The peeing pig sounds intriguing. Shower?! What is that? I have 4 kids, I don't know what that is. I'm glad you got one!

  3. B

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  4. Yay, congratulations on turning it in!!
    P.S. my dust bunnies have names. I couldn't bare to kill them.

  5. I am SO HAPPY for you pushing through your health roadblocks with this book! CONGRATS it is a well earned accomplishment! Voice of experience speaking regarding dealing with life and health conflicts. I've been ruminating on the book title thing and I can come up with 2 that made me go "huh" I've gotta know more. Sandra Hill's "The Very Verile Viking", a crazy fun book of time traveling vikings. And Terry Spear's "A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing" that I haven't read yet but now have the series to binge on. Enjoy your accomplishment and a Very Merry Christmas :-)

    1. You are the winner of a Jade Lee book of your choice. Email me:

      Kelly (Jade's Asst)

  6. I kinda like variations on the The Pig Book: The Pig Who Peed on Me So I Could Get Naked In Front of My Heroine; My Favorite Pig - a Heroine's New Friend; I Met a Pig, Thank God it Was Summer; No Shrinkage Allowed....

    Happy for you being done in time to get ready for Christmas! :-)


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