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Sourcebooks Authors Rock RT 2014!

Two weeks ago I had the ecstatic pleasure of meeting several of my fellow Casa authors in person at the RT Booklover's convention. So this post will be all about my fan-girl bragging about that.

I'd never before seen a streetcar or palm trees so this was a novelty.

Right when I arrived at the hotel, and was having a cigarette outside and taking a picture of the streetcar and my very first palm tree (I know), a nice looking lady smiled at me and said, "Brooklyn Ann?" At my nod, she introduced herself as Victoria Roberts and I giddily gave her a hug. We didn't get to chat too much because she was on her way to check out a voodoo shop and I was waiting to meet up with my hotel roommate, Urban Fantasy author,Jess Haines, but I was still stoked.
Then at the Mardis Gras, Sarah Humphreys grabbed me out of the crowd so we could take a selfie and I also saw Jade Lee handing out her infamous squidges. Apparently Shana Galen was there too, but I didn't recognize her in her pirate costume, lol.

So when I saw Shana again at the Sourcebooks author spotlight, we had a good laugh. However, I was kinda bummed because I'd packed a dog-eared copy of NO MAN'S BRIDE for her to sign and had forgotten it in my hotel room. During the author spotlight I also got to meet Gina Conkle, Julian Walker, and Sarah Castille, as well as the incredible editorial team.
On Friday I managed to track down Shana Galen just as she was getting ready to leave. She was delightfully patient with me as I fan-girled all over her and got her autograph. I also ran into Elisabeth Naughton at the Kensington party!

That's Shana signing books because I forgot to take my own picture when I got to meet her.

Ditto with Elisabeth. :)

Afterward, I ended up running into Sara Humphreys again at an unexpected party and got to grab her for another selfie. I swear, that awesome lady somehow managed to get everywhere in this convention! Since she's impressively buff, I asked if I could touch her bicep. Then she touched my wrenching muscle (For the non-mechanics, that's the side of the forearm, on the inside of the elbow). I was quite proud of myself when I got a "Day-amn, girl!"

Yes, I'm short.
On Saturday I got to see a ton of Sourcebooks peeps at the private party the publisher threw for us. We were up on the swanky 40-somethingth floor with an awesome view of the city and were served drinks and appetizers. I'd just had my first hurricane, so I was a little giddy. The windows held nifty placards featuring the authors' new releases. I totally took mine home.

At the party I got to see Gina and Victoria again as well as finally meet and chat with Ashlyn Chase, Elizabeth Staab, and Terry Spear. Ashlyn and I had a blast talking about paranormal world building.

Alas, the time to come home came to soon. On the bright side, my imaginary cover model for ONE BITE PER NIGHT picked me up at the airport, so that cheered me up :)

So, for my first conference, I had a TON of fun and I hope to see my fellow Sourcebooks authors and publishing professionals at another one! You all rock!!

And a P.S. for Sara Humphreys because I think you'd appreciate this:  When I got home, I immediately had to bench press my Datsun with my LEGS because we were flushing the gas tank. I lifted the back end so high the whole car moved!  Again, I forgot to take pictures.



  1. What a fun post. I'm honored to have made the cut and I'm super jealous I didn't see Elisabeth Naughton. And let me just say how impressed I am that you bench pressed a CAR?! Dude. You're buff.

  2. I'm sorry that I didn't make it this year as I had really wanted to go, but I'll be there for Dallas next year! I'm even more impressed as she is a tiny little thing lol.

  3. I was stoked to meet you, Brooklyn! NOLA was fabulous, and all our favorite authors were in one place. How awesome is that?

  4. Hoping to see you all in Dallas next year or maybe San Antonio this summer. I so wanted to be at NOLA but family must come first. I'm so glad that you had a great time at your first conference! Sara and I were both in your shoes a few years ago, and neither of us knew that it was our very first one!

    1. I should have said neither of us knew it was the other ones first conference. Not enough coffee this morning...yet!

  5. It was so fun to meet you, Brooklyn Ann! I need to take more selfies, I think. Next conference we should do a Sourcebooks selfie!

  6. Hi Booklyn, it was great to meet you at RT!! I'm impressed by the Datsun leg press. have a great weekend-Gina

  7. W00t! Sara! It was awesome to see you! Misty, I can't wait until we can meet someday. Same to you, Carolyn! It was fun, huh, Victoria! Shana, a Sourcebooks selfie sounds epic awesome. And it was great to meet you too, Victoria!


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