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Gearing up for RT!

This year I get to fulfill TWO big dreams that I've had for many years. First, I finally get to attend the RT Booklover's convention this coming May!! I finally get to meet authors I've admired forever. I finally get to participate in the always amusing RT twitter feed. I get to meet some of my readers and sign books, attend useful workshops and fun parties.
Second, I get to visit New Orleans, a place I've been dying to see since I read my first Anne Rice novel.

My excitement knows no bounds.

Since this will be my first convention and first time travelling alone, I'm going to try to take it as easy as possible. I'll attend plenty of worshops and author events and parties, but I really want to focus my attention on the 2 main purposes I have for attending this convention. Getting to know people, and exploring NOLA. I'm going to stuff my face with Cajun and Creole food. A few authors and I are planning a mini tourist expedition.
If there is karaoke at the bar, I'll probably sing some classic rock and metal.

But mostly, I hope to be flitting around the lobby and bar and quiet corners taking it all in and making new friends who also like talking about books.

I will have a few copies of BITE ME, YOUR GRACE, and maybe even a couple ARCs for ONE BITE PER NIGHT. Since I'm not doing any official author events this time around, some of you will get your hands on these at the most unexpected moment. Mwah-hah-hah!!! 

Who else is going to RT? What do you plan to do?

For those who aren't attending, What is your dream convention and why?

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  1. I'll hopefully see you there!! I'll be arriving in on Saturday May 10 to wander the city....


  2. This is the first year I've missed RT since I started going back in 2006. We're moving then, so I'll be hip deep in boxes. But you're going to have a great time, Brooklyn Anne!

  3. I'll be there! I've been to NOLA a lot of times, but I always see something new in the city. I think my goal is to pace myself. Last year I had like 3 or 4 events in one day, and it killed me. I'm so happy my schedule is a bit more spread out this year. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing karaoke!

  4. Y'all have fun! Of course I'm jealous! Brooklyn Ann, you are in for a wonderful, wonderful time.

  5. I'll be at RT and I'll get to meet you. Very exciting!

  6. I'll be there! Last year was my first time, and I had a blast! I loved, meeting my favorite authors. I went all gaga over Sabrina Jeffries. This year, Charlaine Harris is attending. Sookie!

  7. Hi Brooklyn, I'm going and this'll be some firsts for me. First signing, first RT Convention, but second time in NOLA (first was for a Neuroscience Convention...a lot 'o science nerds which will be vastly different from romance readers and writers). And metal karaoke? I had a smile on that one. I'll hold up a lighter for you and cheer you on. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!

  8. Haven't been to one; would like to go to any of them

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  9. Thanks so much for popping by, everyone! And I'm getting more excited every day!!!

  10. I dream of one day going to any convention and just talking to fellow book lovers. Meeting authors and asking them for an autograph lol.

  11. One of these days, I want to visit that sounds so fascinating. Have a wonderful time!

    elewkf1 at yahoo dot com


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