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Old Stuff

My poor blog. It gets neglected for months at a time. Every day, I think about what I could post on it and wish there were more hours in the day, and I wasn’t such a lover of sleep. Essentially on my blog, I excerpt historical information and images from old, public domain sources. It’s more for my benefit than my readers. Often, I’m running searches on my own website, looking for information. Digging through old books and digital archives gives me the same golden, happy glow of when I was a child, rummaging through the closets, trunks, and basements in my grandmother’s house.

My first cousins and I share a passion for history.  It might be a genetic trait. At Christmas we would converge on my grandmother’s house. We would beg for someone to let us in the attic where our mothers’ old hoop skirts and 1950s prom dresses were stored. Once dressed up, we would open my grandfather’s old army trunk. One by one, we would pull out the artifacts forgotten over the years–old pictures of my great-great aunts’ wild hats and my great uncle in Havana after WWII, faded daguerreotypes, and old news clippings announcing accolades or deaths. Somehow we knew we carried a piece of these people and events inside of us. As Malcolm Gladwell points out, we are all products of the generations before us and their particular circumstances in time.

Now as I scavenge digital archives, I feel that same sense of delight and discovery I did as a child in Grandmother’s house, learning a little more about myself from something that happened long ago and far away. 

"With Wicked Little Secrets' intriguing plot, quirky characters, witty escapades and heartfelt dialogue, Ives has created a read that's as thought-provoking as it is romantic. 4 1/2 Stars" -- 2013 RT Reviewer's Choice Best Book Awards - First Historical Romance Nominee!

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  1. My blog is also suffering from neglect. After I had issues with a photographer, I shut it down and tried blogging without the hunks. Couldn't do it. My own photographs aren't nearly as interesting, but I've got boxes full of old pics. Too bad I'm not writing historicals!

  2. Those are such great photos. I wish my grandparents had boxes like that!

  3. I'm with you there. I'm fascinated by genealogy and the tidbits you can find in things like old census records.

  4. How cool is this! Thank you for this post

  5. Thanks y'all for the kind comments. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'm feeling a little under the weather.

  6. I love the old photos. I've become the keeper of old family pics. No one remembers who the people are or how they're connected to the family, but I like that we've kept them through the years.


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