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What Did You Get For Valentine's Day? By Kathryne Kennedy

It's not the cost of the gift that counts, it's the thought. And my dear husband knocked it out of the ball park this year. I have some favorite things: most anything sparkly, or sweet (especially chocolate) pink roses, peacocks, hummingbirds, velvet, lace and fairies. My passion for pink roses even made it onto my Christmas tree this year:

And I'm working on a light garden right outside my sliding glass door in my bedroom, which includes a hummingbird and fairy:

I have a ridiculous amount of peacocks decorating my vanity, and roses are starting to bloom all over my house (although I keep them mostly limited to the bedroom, and just a few other places around the house. I live with two other males, and try not to inundate them with my girlie stuff. I. Really. Do. Try.)

I'll do another blog post later about my favorite things, with some more photos. But in the meantime, given that you now know my tastes, can you guess what my husband gave me for Valentine's Day this year? It didn't cost much, and it was absolutely perfect:

That's right. A chocolate cupcake with an enormous pink rose on top! Am I a lucky girl, or what? And although it was almost too beautiful to eat...well, it was delicious. So what did you get for Valentine's Day this year? Or what was your most favorite gift, and who did you receive it from?

Hoping your day was as magical as mine,


  1. I got two cards that both made me smile. But I would definitely eat that cupcake!

  2. Oh, that is so lovely! Too pretty to eat...almost. I got gift cards. Blech. My daughter painted a picture for me, though!

  3. Your favorites seem perfect for you just from reading your books :) My husband and I exchanged lottery tickets so nothing romantic here but we were on the same wavelength anyway lol.

  4. Ok, that cupcake is a work of art. That's a sweet Valentine's gift. I got a card this year. LOL! Last year's V-day card was the best with a very heart-felt note from my husband that I've kept near my bedside since he gave it to me last year. Those are the things that mean the most to me.

  5. Beautiful cupcake! I was most touched by the fact that my MIL actually told my hubby to take me out for a nice meal...on her! (of course, I told him he still owes me a meal on HIS dime, lol)


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