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The Best Days

I don't have nearly enough of these!
What are you reading next?


  1. Courtney Milan's The Lady Always Wins. It happens to be free for my Kindle right now.

  2. Last night I just finished The Virtuoso by Grace Burrowes and tonight I am going to start Lady Sophie's Christmas Wish. I always look forward to her stories!

  3. I just finished Once in a Lifetime (Jill Shalvis) and just started Douglas (Grace Burrowes.) Both are Kindle reads from our public library's digital section. I love libraries.

    1. Me, too, LSU Reader. Love both of those authors too!

  4. Right now I'm reading If You Give a Rake a Ruby, Shana and I'm loving it. I'm also reading Iron Night by M.L. Brennan. As soon as I finish those, I'll be reading Sapphire's are an Earl's Best Friend. :D


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