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Inside a Writer's Brain

by M.L. Buchman
(If I could read a calendar, I'd have posted this on the correct day to begin with. As I said, Inside a Writer's Brain. Sigh.)

How's that for a scary, scary concept? Yes, there are actually things that do occur in writer's brains, and, also yes, not all of them are surreal, just most of them. So, for the last month or so I've been focusing on just what is going on in there. And have come up with two answers.

First, for fans of my Night Stalkers military romantic suspense series, I have written a "Special Features" edition. Just like on a DVD, it's includes features on:
  • The real-life Night Stalkers of the U.S. Army's 160th SOAR
  • Looking into how a series concept is born.
  • In-depth review of the process and cool facts behind:
    • The first four full-length Night Stalkers novels
    • The three Holiday short novels so far
    • And the bonus feature short story
  • The Christmas Ghost short story itself: Ghost of Willow's Past
  • Coming Attraction Previews from:
    • the spin-off series Firehawk!, Pure Heat (May 1)
    • the next Night Stalkers novel, Light Up the Night (Aug 1)
It was fun to write and, I'm told, funny and interesting to read. I do also look at story structure craft:

On the other side of my brain, there is a class I have taught many times on how you-the-publisher can work with you-the-author. I collaborated with my sister, also named M.L. Buchman, who is a nationally-known digital archivist and one of the country's leading tintype photographers. We had a blast together looking at ways for:

Yes, we cover the standard goals and time management tricks, but the main focus is how we mis-communicate with our inner artist to create writer's/artist's block and how we can change that communication to create success.

If you want the inside scoop on the Night Stalkers or are wondering how to control your own art for success, these should be fun places to begin.

It was very educational for me to step briefly outside of my art and look at the process behind the scenes. I'm constantly fascinated by the world around me, and I do so enjoy sharing what I find.

Hope you want to come play. And if you want to stay on the art side, well, just stay tuned, I have a very exciting fiction lineup planned throughout the year. Up next: on April 1, yes, on the Fool's Day, I'll be double releasing the last two titles of my contemporary romance series "Angelo's Hearth" set in Seattle (books 4 & 5).

Writing just has to be the best job in the world. It's so much phunn!

There are two whole books covering what I love about my art, what do you love about yours?


  1. I love that I work where I live, that I can wear my jammies while I work, that my beasts are near at hand when I work, that the tea pot is near at hand, that... I love SO MUCH about my writing life.

  2. That any day is a holiday for me (as evidenced by making the mistake of going to the zoo yesterday that was filled with millions of people, and the bank and PO being closed) and how on my holiday days (though I write from the moment I get up until I go to bed and then some), I can go anywhere at any time. I can take trips to meet and greet my fans. I can see wolves and jaguars whenever I want. I'm not restricted by annual leave requirements, or having to work from 9-6. And then writing all around it. I can be home when servicemen come to call and not have to lose money waiting on them. Because my work is right here, all the time. I can take it with me anywhere I want to go. It is totally awesome!

  3. I love how I'm constantly challenged to go beyond what I have before. It seems like everyday I have to learn something new and it's exciting and keeps my job fresh.

  4. Loved your post...
    What you said...I'm fascinated with the world around me and love learning new things about the writing world.
    What Grace said...only add that I don't have to do my hair. I get to work with really great characters who tell me their funny stories and no one thinks I'm crazy because I have voices in my head.
    What Terry said...spent Christmas on the beach with part of my family and got a whole rewrite done while listening to the ocean waves. What Shana keeps me on my toes to keep my stories new and fresh.

  5. Hey, better early than late or not at all!

  6. It's wonderful to be able to write your passion. There are many roads with twists, turns and cliffs, but only you get to decide which is the right path to take.

  7. What Grace and Carolyn said. ;) I try to fix my hair every day. Today wasn't one of those days. As for what goes on in my brain, a lot of it comes out in my writing, but there's plenty in there nobody but me should ever have to deal with.


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