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Does anyone else ever get the dreaded "gift blackouts" that seem to plague me at this time of year?
I adore buying and making gifts for my loved ones. As Christmas Day gets closer and closer, I get panicky. I begin to scour the stores.
"My brother doesn't have enough to open. Ooh, this is on sale. Hey, my husband would like this. Dammit, he already has too many gifts. Wait, does he? I have no idea what I've got for everyone, so I'll go ahead and buy it."
At the end of the shopping day, I'm surrounded by seventeen more presents that I didn't expect to give.
The Christmas blackouts apply to myself too.
"Hey, let's go shopping at the after-Christmas sales! Ooh, I need this and this and I've always wanted to watch this movie it's on sale and we need this for the house and..."
Suddenly the pile of gifts that were given to me and husband is nearly equaled by the things we bought ourselves.
I don't ever regret buying gifts for my family and friends, but I always wish we could do more for them. Gift-giving is one of the ways I can let my important people know just HOW important they are to me. And honestly, I really don't shop for myself during the year much at all. So maybe my case of Holidaze isn't so bad after all.
It could be worse, couldn't it, Mr. Scrooge?

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. I most certainly did. :)


  1. I too get panicky. This year I actually forgot to give a couple of gifts and now have to give them late. Ugh. Sometimes the whole thing is just too hectic.

  2. I always have the best of intentions and I buy things for people all year long but somehow the day seems to sneak up on me and I never give everyone everything that I have for them!

  3. I don't panic. I just figure that, like me, they really don't need anything! ;)


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