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Transition Problems

I seem to struggle with transitions. Not book transitions. They’re easy. End a chapter on a dramatic note, and then turn the page. Bam, we’re in a different scene and off on something new! Easy-peasy. But in real life, I can’t cut to the next part. I have to stop working on one thing, figure out what I’m doing next, drive to wherever I’m going and then do whatever I need to do. Oh wait, did I forget something important? Leave my work out shoes in the car? Did I lose my cell phone? And where’s my credit card?

It’s not just the forgetting things that bothers me. If I’m honest, my mind has always been somewhat scattered. But I don’t seem to be shifting from one task to another as fluidly as I once did. Maybe it’s because the kids have grown up. (I love empty nesting!) I remember having to countdown to departures. Leaving in 15 minutes, turn off the tv. Leaving in 10, get your shoes and coat. Leaving in 5, did you remember your lunch? What about the permission slip?

Apparently, I now need someone to play mom to me. Leaving in 15, do you have purse? Stop with the email, it’s time to go grocery shopping. No you can’t watch another hour of tv. If you do, you’ll be wiped in the morning. But whatever it is, I can’t seem to leave. It’s not just about never wanting to leave a party–I’ve always want to stay with the fun stuff. But now I won’t leave a hated accounting task because I can’t dump it from my mind. I may be reading a great book, but part of my brain will still be on that spreadsheet of itemized deductions. WTF? Is this a normal part of aging? Or have I suddenly lost all the barriers in my brain and one task bleeds into the next no matter how I try to switch gears? 

Or...and let’s be honest here...have I always had bleed in my tasks? But now my kids have grown up, maybe now the house is so quiet that I’m just noticing my problem for the first time. I don’t know. But I’ll probably be still wondering a half hour into my next task. Or at 2 am tomorrow morning. Help me out here. Is this normal?

And oh yeah, this blog was supposed to be about What the Bride Wore. It’s a good book about people who seem to be able to switch gears just fine. Clearly it’s not autobiographical!


  1. I'm the same way. I hate being interrupted because I will never remember what I was doing and get back to it.

  2. Your brain needs a oiling. Chocolate and wine work best but donuts and sweet tea will do as a substitute.
    Seriously, I have the same problem. I get so involved with one thing (writing) that it's hard to gear down and think about those cookies I put in the oven or that phone call I have to make...oops it's after 5 and the insurance office is closed and the cookies are burned.

  3. I hear you, Jade. At one time, my mind was like a steel trap. My memory was nearly photographic, and I could multi-task with the best of them. Not anymore. Apparently estrogen was a vital component of those abilities. ;)

  4. Oh God. My mind was NEVER a steel trap. So I'm not even starting at a good place. If I lose it as I age, I'm in real trouble!

  5. Unfortunately, as much as I bemoaned it, my mind worked best under pressure. Now that I have eased up on my lifestyle a bit...things get done...eventually...but not necessarily on time (and I have plenty of burnt dishes in my past to prove it, lol).


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