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Three Realizations and an Event!

Realization 1: I’m not getting any younger. Okay, so that’s an obvious one, but it’s important! You see, the horrible realization is that I may actually never be in better shape than I am now. OUCH! I mean, I’m not 5000 lbs or anything, but I’m not exactly in skinny jeans either. I work out regularly–even have a trainer/sadist–but the truth is, I’m 50 years old and very active. Odds are that I’m never going to get MORE active. I’ll never put in the effort to become a lean, mean, fighting machine. I’m more of a chunky, happy, occasionally aggressive middle aged woman.

Realization 2: I should never put off a dream if I can do it now. Well, that’s not exactly true. If I’m picking between two dreams, well then I have to prioritize, right? (Do I hang out with Joss Whedon or Johnny Depp? Hmmm) Sadly, that’s not today’s choice. Today’s dream goes like this: I’ve always wanted to compete on the national stage in racquetball. For those of you who don’t know, I was a pro racquetball player for 2 weeks (over a decade ago) when my knees gave up the ghost. I didn’t even finish the paperwork when I was sidelined. I was two years rehabbing and by the end, I’d gained 40 lbs, filled in all that empty training time with writing, and had sold my first book. So, I gave up pro athletics to become a novelist (and mother) and have never regretted that decision. But a little part of me wishes I’d played in a really, really big event.

By the way, if any of you want to look at the humorous side of suddenly losing athletics, check out my e-novella as Kathy Lyons One Night in the Spa. The heroine’s experience is based on my own. No, I didn’t do THAT in a spa, but I did experience the sudden surge of, um, hormones when suddenly sidelined. 

Realization 3: I can drive to Minneapolis, MN for the US Open this week. And I just turned in a manuscript, so I can take a week to celebrate! So you guessed it...

THE EVENT! I’m going to play in the US Open – Racquetball – in the 50+ women event. I’ll also be playing doubles with my friend who started this whole slide of realizations by pointing out realization number 1. Don’t bother looking for how I’m doing. First off, it doesn’t start until Tuesday, and second, I’ll be using my real name. And frankly, I want to hide how I’m doing because I’m afraid I’ll collapse in the first round. But I’ll make sure to tell you if it goes well!

Anyway, here’s my point: DON’T PUT IT OFF! It doesn’t matter if I’m going to feel like a waddling duck on the court, I’m going to go play. And damn it, I’m going to love it! So what dream have you been putting off until you feel better, until you lose weight, until something else happens? Can you do it now? Because you’re not getting any younger!


  1. The gym in our building calls to me with a small, but insistent voice. Still, it's easy to ignore because my deadline's voice roars louder and I stay in the writing chair. However, you've encouraged me to listen to the softer summons. I'm hitting the treadmill today.

  2. Yay, Jade! Good luck and know that I'm cheering you on from this corner of the world.

  3. You know what is frustrating? When you DO work out and still don't lose any weight. I work out three days a week, minimum, and the scale does not budge. I am so bad at dieting, but apparently that is the key. I don't think I'm putting any dreams off. Maybe the dream of sleeping in for once. Good for you for going to play!

  4. WooHoo, Jade! You go for it girl! One of my childhood dreams was to be a dancer--the Go Go dancer in the cage--on Hullabaloo A Go Go :) Not quite as lofty a goal as yours and sadly I never did convince my mom to buy me a pair of those little white go go boots with the zipper up the back. LOL!

  5. You rock Jade! I hope you have a blast :)

  6. @Mia -- Get going girl! I actually get a ton of ideas on the treadmill. @Shana -- I hear you. I'm exactly the same way. Can't diet to save my life and my knees won't let me workout like I used to. :(
    @CH -- You get those Go GO boots NOW!!! I would love to see you in a pair!
    @christy and Carolyn -- Thanks! I need all the cheering and luck I can get!

  7. My dream is to t.ravel. It doesn't have to be worldwide just even if only to see more of the US. To to see the land and its cultures

  8. Travel! Go anywhere you want. Take a cruise (I could recommend one!) Whatever it takes...just do your dream now!

  9. Wow, I am so impressed, Jade! I will have to reconsider my complaints about my creaky joints as an excuse not to exercise with your example, lol. Have a great time and congrats on finishing another manuscript!


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