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My Favorite Unconventional Romance

Later this evening I'm going to watch HAROLD AND MAUDE with two friends who haven't seen it yet. I think it's one of the greatest films ever made and definitely made brilliant use of the "mis-matched couple" trope.

Here's the storyline from IMDB: "Self-destructive and needy but wealthy teenager Harold is obsessed with death and spends his leisure time attending funerals, watching the demolition of buildings, visiting junkyards, simulating suicides trying to get the attention of his indifferent, snobbish and egocentric mother, and having sessions with his psychologist. When Harold meets the anarchic seventy-nine-year-old Maude at a funeral, they become friends and the old lady discloses other perspectives of the cycle of life for him. Meanwhile, his mother enlists him in a dating service and tries to force him to join the army. On the day of Maude's eightieth birthday, Harold proposes to her but he finds the truth about life at the end of hers."

An older woman hooking up with a younger man is still generally seen as unconventional and in this case, Maude is MUCH older than Harold. However, it's not icky and actually works very well. Not only because they become the best of friends, but because Maude teaches him-and the audience- so much.

And that is what makes this love story so incredible, and believable. When two people share knowledge and experience, the emotional impact increases. 

Anyway, I highly recommend this movie to everyone. 

What are some of your favorite unconventional romances?


  1. I loved this movie as well. I saw it in the theaters when it first came out. I love what he did with his Jag!

  2. Favorite of mine too! Much watch it again soon!

  3. Well...besides Pretty Woman and Ladyhawke? Both are a little unconventional in their fashion.


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