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RWA Nationals!

Greetings from Atlanta!

What can I say about RWA Nationals? Think it's all about sitting through endless, useless workshops?
Even if you get only a tiny grain of information from that one hour you spent in that chair, it will still help you.
Cathy Maxwell's keynote speech inspired us. Kristin Higgins's Awards Luncheon speech made us laugh, cry, and feel worthwhile.

But then there's the fun aspect.
Want to guess how many margaritas are made and consumed?

Granted, we don't make it out of the hotel much, but the view from the walkway is pretty inspiring. I'm thinking big and hard....

The sushi was AWESOME!!!!

Yes, the Literacy signing is crowded and loud, but whenever I get to sit next to Carolyn Brown, I know I'm in for a good time.

Sharon Lathan wowed us with her dress for the Beau Monde soiree.

Sara Humphreys MADE us order the chocolate nachos. This is supposed to serve 4, but a table of eight didn't finish all of it!

The bar is a great place to catch up with buddies Carolyn Brown, Amelia Grey, and Sara Humphreys.

Trust me, if Sara Humphreys ever asks you to be her date to the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal chapter's Prism awards ceremony, say YES!

She not only won for Dark Paranormal,

She also won Best of the Best!

We at Casablanca may not have had a Rita finalist this year, but we're still proud!

The Sourcebooks dinner was at Southern Art. As always, they drove us there in limos.
Here's Sara in the limo!

The restaurant was very cool and the food was fabulous. Wish I'd taken more pictures!

Here are several of the Sourcebooks authors along with publisher Dominique Raccah,

and Tammy Falkner!

The Sourcebooks signing is tomorrow. Should be fun!
For more fun pics, visit  cherylbrooksauthor.blogspot!


  1. Omg. I adore you! Thanks for being my date. Lol. You and Terry Spear were my lucky charms. The fun ain't over yet! Tomorrow after the signing....karaoke! Muwah!!!!

  2. Wow, that is quite a dessert! Looks like you are having a blast. Congrats to Sara on her awards, have a safe journey back to your homes.

  3. Many congrats to Sara. Our Sourcebooks sisters rock!

    Looks like a great time is being had by all. Have fun!

  4. Thanks, Elf!

    See you at the signing, Sara! Still trying to figure out which song to sing!

  5. Wish you were here, Victoria! We're having tons of fun!

  6. When Cheryl is around, folks, there's always a good time! Loved seeing everyone here and am already looking forward to next year.

  7. Same here, Carolyn! I miss everyone and I haven't even checked out yet!

  8. Too much fun, Cheryl!!! We'll have to do this again sometime soon. LOL :) Loved seeing you again!


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